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17 media broadcast content in violation of the electoral code: Press Council « Khabarhub

KATHMANDU: 17 news outlets were found to have disseminated content in violation of the electoral code of conduct, Press Council Nepal said.

The violations were noted during election monitoring of the code of conduct by the Press Council.

In the press release issued by the Council today, according to the quantitative results until 5 p.m. on November 3, two print media, two television media and 13 online media disseminated information and information materials against the electoral code of conduct.

Among these information media, four media were informed, the attention of two was drawn, six were warned and clarifications were requested from four. Similarly, the Council wrote to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority to ban the dissemination of the content of two news portals, the registration of which could not be traced in the country.

“During monitoring, it was found that in some media, one-sided advocacy of political parties and candidates, political party favoritism, candidate in the same content and negative influence on someone and analysis without factual confirmation. In this context, all media are requested to be aware of such coverage,” the statement read.

Similarly, media attention has been drawn not to give way to hate speech that may be made towards either party and candidates during the political party’s campaign.

Likewise, the Council stresses that the balance could be upset as the media tries to give space to public meetings/gatherings of political parties which are now often broadcast live.

The Board also reminds everyone that Section 25(f) of the Elections Code of Conduct, 2079 prohibits posting, broadcasting or transmitting any content using electronic media such as SMS, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Viber , YouTube, Instagram. , online and such social media content for or against someone.

Stating that the Press Council is always active and vigilant in protecting and promoting freedom of the press, because the media play a special role in ensuring the success of the election, like the various agencies of the State, the Council calls on all journalists and media to disseminate news in a healthy, clean, free, dignified and balanced manner.