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Oops…Error 404 Sorry, but the page you are looking for does not exist. You can go to the HOME PAGE OUR LATEST ARTICLES 144. Case study: A mother with shortness of breath – Pushing… September 5, 2021 142. HF part 11: The role of clinical examination in… August 24, 2021 133. Case report: Ventricular arrhythmias […]

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XFL Co-Owner Dany Garcia Showcases XFL Content Plan and Deliverables on Insta

We keep getting more hints from XFL co-owner Dany Garcia. First was the photo in the bathroom over a week ago talking about NDA. Now this screenshot from a zoom meeting showing off her XFL style nails. Obviously, that was a message to XFL fans more than his nail color choice. What’s interesting is who […]

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Media consumers want streaming, sports, diverse content after Covid. – Deadline

In a post-Covid world, media consumers unsurprisingly plan to watch more live sports, but new research also shows they will seek on-screen diversity and programming that is more international, upbeat, educational and participatory than it was before the pandemic. In other words, much of what people found and loved in the media during a year […]