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How to Develop Your Brand Strategy and Content Plan in 3 Hours

This story was originally presented as a slideshow for a seminar given to HackerNoon’s Blogging Fellowship 2021 cohort; under the titles “How to become the product manager your content career may or may not need”, and; “Plan and plan your content strategy to achieve your goals with this super simple 5-step exercise* (*heavily inspired by […]

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82% of US consumers watch some form of OTT content – ​​Media Play News

Stephanie Prange October 15, 2021 A large majority – 82% – of US consumers now watch some form of OTT content, with just 55% still watching cable TV, according to data from the “State of Streaming” report by consumer service provider Resonate. AI driven. data and analytics. The report suggests that live TV resonates well […]

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Content Analysis of Law Firm Competitors

Like any law firm, you want your law firm to be highly competitive and provide valuable services to clients and your community. One of the ways to achieve this goal is through effective marketing and competitor analysis. It’s hard to stay ahead of the competition. One way to do this is to analyze competitor content. […]