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36.98% of all e-commerce apparel on sale – reports

According to the DataFeedWatch report and the report of 2022, clothing takes the lead in both the number of products on sale and the purchase value per visit in global e-commerce.

Fashion wins the “on sale” statistic

Over 26% of all products advertised on paid channels such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are on sale – we read in the “Feed Marketing Report 2022” created by DataFeedWatch by – a leader in data feed management solution. The data was generated in the first half of 2022 from over 15,000 online stores in over 60 countries.

Discounts have always been used by merchants, and for many reasons: to increase sales, liquidate old inventory, win new customers or retain current ones. Slowing economies, recession fears and rising inflation mean customers are cautious and price sensitive.
a much larger measure than before. Therefore, we can expect bigger discounts from most merchants in the coming holiday season.

Clothing and accessories dominate the “on sale” statistics in the Feed Marketing Report 2022, with 36.98% of products on sale. The main sub-category is shoes, with an astonishing 42.81% of products on sale.

Health and beauty products follow closely with 33.12% and furniture close behind with 32.77%.

Home & Garden, with 25.62% of products on sale, has long been considered one of the most active stocks on sale. This year, they are slightly lower than the world average of 26.49%.

Clothing is followed by home and appliances, with an average expenditure of $2.12, and health and beauty, with $2.1.

According to, in the second quarter of 2022, online shoppers spent an average of just over US$2.6 per visit across all verticals.

With Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, and Boxing Day ahead of us, we can expect fierce discount-based competition, especially in apparel, health & beauty, and furniture products. This is good news for customers who are always looking for bigger discounts.

What records can we expect in the coming months? Will apparel surpass the 40% off mark? Will the global average rise to 30%? We have to wait and see, but the 2022 holiday season will be very interesting to watch.