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5 Top Tips for Creating a Digital Signage Content Plan

Digital signage can be a major factor in the success of marketing your business. This is how you interact with your customers and deliver marketing messages. Digital signage needs to be effective and that means having the right content. Good content requires thought, preparation and planning.

Content is king. Unfortunately, many organizations invest a lot of money in displaying content when it is of little value because they haven’t paid enough attention to the message itself. Content needs to be taken more seriously.

Here’s our guide to creating a digital signage content plan.

Know and understand your audience

For marketing to be successful, it must reach and impact your target audience. Modern audiences need sophisticated marketing. It is not enough to have an attractive website with good quality photos and videos, send a few emails and update social media from time to time.

Digital marketers know that many factors influence consumer purchasing decisions and they are ready to exploit each one.

There is no magic formula that works for all companies or even all industries. Finding what works is a case of research and experimentation. Different methods and channels should be tested. It takes patience to gain the knowledge and statistics you need to understand your audience and how best to engage with them.

Invest in the right digital business software

This concept may be new to you, but it’s simple with the right tools.

The digital management software is an application that allows you to plan, manage and control everything you display on the connected screen. Your screen acts as your digital display. By using the app, you can decide what content, when it is displayed and how and where it is distributed.

Kitcast offers an efficient digital signage management system. Easy to use, it is functional and also intuitive. The management system dashboard gives you a great visual view of where you are at and complete control over your content creation. Smooth performance means digital signage content management is done right.

Document your digital signage plans

Documentation is a fundamental part of managing your digital signage content. This means

  • All plans must be physical – i.e. written (on paper or computer)
  • You have to make schedules
  • You need to decide what kind of content you want
  • Make a plan of the tasks to be undertaken
  • Audience profiles need to be created

The resulting documentation will help you organize and visualize your digital signage plan. You’ll be able to tweak and tweak as needed, as you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t.

You can make your plan easier to see and manage if you use Google Suite and a task management system like Trello.

Create the best content possible

Don’t be fooled by the fact that we live in an age of short attention spans and your marketing content can be trivial. Your audience is surrounded by excess content and they will see most of it as trivial. This makes the task of creating great content that gets noticed difficult but not impossible.

It means being more creative. Avoid the banal and boring. Don’t copy your competitors. Avoid overwhelming your audience with messages. Make it fresh and relevant. You will need to experiment and get feedback to find the type of content that works best and build on it.

Keep your content plan fluid

While some of your actual content should be permanent (content that continually stays relevant and optimized for search engines), your digital signage content management plan should always be open to change.

This should change as you better understand what works and what doesn’t – amplify what works and suppress what doesn’t. It also needs to change to meet new trends in your industry/sector as well as changing trends and tastes on social media.

How often your digital signage content needs to change depends on each business.

The take-out sale

  • Make sure digital content posting is an effective marketing tool in your business by creating the best possible content.
  • Keep your content up to date and work on a plan so you can react quickly when change is needed.
  • Use a digital signage content management system to make things much easier.

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5 Top Tips for Creating a Digital Signage Content Plan