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82% of US consumers watch some form of OTT content – ​​Media Play News

Stephanie Prange

A large majority – 82% – of US consumers now watch some form of OTT content, with just 55% still watching cable TV, according to data from the “State of Streaming” report by consumer service provider Resonate. AI driven. data and analytics.

The report suggests that live TV resonates well with older demographics who are accustomed to watching live TV via traditional broadcasting. The streaming-only live TV audience is older, with the largest age group being 45-54, while the on-demand streaming-only audience is younger, with the largest age group being aged 25 to 34.

Live viewers primarily use ad-supported or free-to-air (AVOD) services, such as Pluto TV, Roku Channel, and Tubi TV. They are under-indexed compared to all paid live TV services. TV live-only viewers skew males. The majority use Pluto TV to stream live TV shows. They enjoy shows produced by CBS and Fox, especially “American Dad” and “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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On-demand streaming viewers only skew women. The majority of the public regularly watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Of the top four on-demand streaming services, their favorite shows are on Netflix.
This audience tends to binge-watch their favorite TV shows using their smart TVs.

Resonate also looked at the different characteristics of streaming service customers. Peacock and Paramount+ subscribers vary widely in terms of gender and tastes in TV shows, according to research. Peacock subscribers bias male, while Paramount+ subscribers bias female. Peacock subscribers prefer comedy shows, while Paramount+ subscribers have more eclectic tastes, ranging from comedy to detective genres. Overall, Peacock and Paramount+ subscribers are avid sports fans. However, Peacock subscribers are supporters of their local professional sports teams, while Paramount+ subscribers enjoy sports programming as a whole without any local professional team affiliation.

Resonate’s proprietary dataset includes more than 14,000 relevant data points that describe more than 230 million individual US consumers, according to Resonate.