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Amouranth is fine according to his content manager on Twitter

Following the revelations of her abusive marriage, there has been collective concern over the well-being of Kaitlyn “Amouranth”. Well, the streaming community can breathe a sigh of relief because its chief content officer, The Real Marzbar, announced on Twitter that the Twitch streamer is doing well according to frequent wellness checks.

Addressing the matter as a professional acquaintance of the creator, Marz revealed that she informed authorities that she was fine after several police checks. Additionally, the streamer spoke to her husband to try and find a solution to the issue as soon as possible. Marz tweeted:

“Police have been in several times since 5am yesterday. They say they are fine so there is not much they can do.”

Latest update on Kait/Amouranth: Team members were able to speak to her and she says she is fine. The police have gone several times since 5 am yesterday; She says she is fine so there is not much they can do She spent all day talking to her husband to sort things out I don’t know what else we can do rn

‘I don’t know what else we can do rn’: Twitter responds to update on Amouranth’s current state of affairs

Now that someone relatively close to the victim has finally shared some updates, social media personalities such as Jake Lucky and other streamers have already started to respond.

Amouranth is fine. Its content manager has posted an update.

Real Marzbar’s tweet notes that Amouranth has spoken to her husband to resolve the dispute and that it is quite difficult, if not impossible, for outsiders to interfere in the matter:

“She spent all day talking to her husband to fix things. I don’t know what else to do rn”

Streaming personalities, fans and people who have experienced domestic violence weighed in with varying reactions to the news. Many are unhappy with the help that has been offered to Amouranth.

Others expressed slight satisfaction with any news, but the general trend suggests that most well-wishers fear for the safety of the streamer.

@JakeSucky This is very typical for victims. Abusers can have such a hold on them that it’s hard to leave. She obviously likes the guy and thinks he likes her; but controlling someone is not loving someone. Now is not the time to be critical, be empathetic.

@TheRealMarzbar Glad to hear she’s at least “well” (not that reassuring, but it’s something much better than the alternative). Thank you for this update and for essentially taking stock of this situation. I know you didn’t ask for the blame, but you’re doing a good thing.

@TheRealMarzbar Police officers who show up “multiple times” to a DV call almost always lead someone away in handcuffs. How many service calls were made?

@Kevin_Hitt @TheRealMarzbar Unfortunately, it doesn’t normally translate to that. I lost my aunt to DV in the early 2000s and she never wanted to press charges every time the cops were called so nothing could have been done. People just have to make sure there’s constant communication for her.

@JakeSucky This means that her husband is forcing her to stay. I grew up with it, there’s no leaving unless someone actually helps. He controls his finances, his social networks and probably took his phone. Looks like he shut down the internet for her as well, which means she’s ABSOLUTELY NOT OK.

@TheRealMarzbar Sorting out there must be a divorce. Thanks for the update. I hope Kait knows she deserves better from life and her partner. I also hope she sees all the support people have given her here. 🥺💜

@JakeSucky Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do…all we can do is offer as much help as possible.

@JakeSucky I just want to give her a hug 😢 I can’t imagine how much she suffered.

@JakeSucky I doubt she’ll be okay if she doesn’t get out of this house.

While it’s unclear exactly what will happen next, many believe that Kaitlyn will eventually separate from her abusive partner. However, the allegations against the husband have led many fans to believe that he could harm her physically and/or financially. This is why the update, regardless of its content, relieves most of the community.

Exploring Amouranth’s recent stream and the allegations against her husband

The streaming community witnessed a heartbreaking ordeal during the popular Twitch personality’s latest stream. On last night’s live stream she revealed her marriage and alleged her toxic husband forced her to hide her relationship status online.

Kaitlyn also accused her husband of forcing her to do 24-hour streams and other acts under duress. The latter would have threatened to injure the two pet dogs of the first.

The streamer also revealed that all of her monetary accounts related to content creation are controlled by the abusive partner. Additionally, she leaked DMs that suggest he threatened to take or throw away all the money if she tries to leave.

As clips from the stream began to make the rounds on social media, many members of the streaming community, such as Valkyrae and Pokimane, posted on Twitter in support of Amouranth.

Imane Pokimane’s tweet asking where the streamer was was met with some people mocking or blaming the victim, which forced her to delete the post.

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