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Audiences are impressed with Kirti Singh’s social media content and her love for travel. : The India Tribune

Women master all areas known to humanity. They grow up and are determined to follow the field of work they love. They stop at nothing. Especially the younger generation, they are confident and have so much confidence and zeal to grow in themselves that it ultimately reflects in their work. Social media is one of those areas where you can watch women grow and work in every possible field. From trends in fashion, cooking, education, makeup, defense, science and travel, they do it all with skill. Kirti Singh is one such social media content creator.

Kirti Singh is a travel blogger who explores various places and shares her trip and experiences with her followers through her social media handle. Kirti didn’t always think of being a travel blogger, but it happened because she always loved traveling. She likes to explore new places, and what she admires the most is that she learns various new things with each new place she visits. She’s there for the experience rather than the fun. She travels with her friends and family to new places. She had also traveled solo to some of the most beautiful places on earth. Her travel solo gives strength to her female followers and encourages them to also travel alone if they wish.

It all started when we were all confined. As everyone was doing something or the other, Kirti also thought of lending a hand in the social media game. She started making videos while trying and cooking new dishes. She thought she was going to be a food blogger, but when the lockdown ended, she was ready to go on a trip. She began posting details of her travels. He gained a lot more limelight. Kirti is a well-established travel blogger by now. It also helped to collaborate with hotels and resorts nationally and internationally and brought out the best reviews for its viewers. His videos are entertaining, beautiful and full of useful information that is needed. His profile content is like a breath of fresh air, just what viewers need.

Not only is she a travel blogger, but she also holds an IT role as a senior financial analyst at EY. She’s also into writing and has been doing it for quite a long time now and always enjoyed it. She has also been working on writing her next book. She manages everything as if she were a prodigy. Check out his Instagram profile: