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Beatrice Rossmanith named managing director of TV and platform content analytics firm TAPE – ATV Today

International TV Formats and Script Experts TAPE Consultancy has appointed Beatrice Rossmanith as the company’s Managing Director.

In an effort to build on the company’s long-standing expertise in television content and platform analytics and audience research, Rossmanith seeks to expand and shape the reach of TAPE’s existing services across a rapidly evolving international content market. TAPE’s list of existing customers includes global studios, broadcasters, distributors and independent producers.

This new step kicks off a transition period that will see Paul Youngbluth and John Peek leave the company this summer.

Béatrice Rossmanith, Managing Director of TAPE:

“Our unique perspective on content, analyzing it from the audience’s perspective, allows us to identify the key drivers of a show and what gives it intrinsic appeal. In a fragmented, cross-platform landscape, being content-driven and platform-blind is key. Adding the power of Glance data to the mix, we are a one-stop-shop for anyone who works closely with content and is looking to explore their project’s potential in the international market. And I see the coming years as an exciting opportunity to work with a growing portfolio of international partners.

Beginning her career in 2008 as Head of Sales at Journeyman Pictures focusing on current affairs documentaries, Beatrice has spent over fifteen years working in the international distribution of programs and formats across a wide variety of genres and has held several positions in content distribution.

Before joining TAPE as Director of Customer Service in September 2021, Béatrice created her own consulting business working with several partners on co-productions, partnerships, pre-sales, licensing and strategic format positioning.

Beatrice has dual Franco-British nationality and is fluent in German. She holds a Master of Arts (First Class) in English Literature from the University of St Andrews and continued her studies in Comparative Literature at postgraduate level at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität München.

TAPE Consultancy is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Glance/Médiamétrie. His expertise in identifying and analyzing content trends across TV and digital is one of the group’s main strengths.

Frédéric Vaulpré, Administrator of TAPE Consultancy and Head of the International Business Units of Médiamétrie:

“On behalf of Médiamétrie, I would like to warmly thank John & Paul for the tremendous work they have done over the past 35 years to create unique expertise, both in terms of monitoring and evaluating content. The smooth transition, which we initiated last year, will allow the team to be fully operational and continue to provide the standards-compliant services that TAPE customers have enjoyed for many years.”

“With extensive distribution experience spanning formats, lifestyle, high-end factual and drama, Rossmanith will bring their deep knowledge of content and readers to our clients.”