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Breitbart dumped Delingpole, now seeking sponsored content funding from Rich Jerks

One of the great disinformation attacks of the early 21st century was the fabricated “climategate” controversy, in which emails from climatologists were leaked, selectively edited, and released to the media as if normal science jokes were malicious corruption. The man who takes credit for coming up with the name and getting it out of blogs and mainstream media, which he considered his “finest hour” is James Delingpole.

Far from having built on such success, a decade and a half later, Delingpole’s career is shaping up to be as healthy as ‘climategate’ was the real scandal it claimed to be. More recently, last week, his Twitter the account has been suspended. It’s back now, and james tweeted that “Twitter seems to be enforcing this new censorship policy called ‘Twitter Circle.’ Apparently I can no longer retweet or quote tweets to a general audience, only to people in my ‘Twitter Circle’.

Is Twitter Going the Reddit Way of “Quarantining” Harmful Content? No, James just doesn’t know how to use Twitter, and someone explained he only had to select “everyone” from a drop-down menu when tweeting.

Delingpole didn’t say why his account went down, but it’s likely because of his recurring Covid-19 conspiraciessince Twitter has no climate misinformation policy, something James had generally lost interest in. (More on that in a second.)

Just because Twitter might take that megaphone away from him doesn’t mean he’s been silent, because his “rambling conspiracy theories with cranks” podcast is out. on a bunch of different channels. BBut when it comes to serious mainstream media content, his only bylines these days are watch Netflix and write about it for the viewer. Not exactly the climate rhythm!

You can find all his Putin’s DefenderUkraine is a gaslight operation #FakeNews“, chemtrails and other conspiraciesand justifying entertaining madness like that, the moon landing and the school shootings are a hoax to his sub-pile, that he started end of January 2022.

But there is one place that no longer carries its drivel: Breitbart. Yes, the website that gave its first edits to literal white supremacists apparently found that Delingpole racist and lazy lie enacting it was too much even for them, as his most recent posts are from early January 2022.

We don’t know why, like Delingpole was the Editor of Breitbart London, but now they seem to be going in a different direction and have exiled Delingpole for substack. Instead of having second-hand intermediaries”interpreter of interpretationsThe hacks deliver climate propaganda, they just let advertisers post directly and go the sponsored content route (while also promoting a stupid new Hunter Biden movie).

The first one we noticed, and to Breitbart’s credit they made it relatively obvious that this is “sponsored content” both from the homepage and when you clicked on the content, was a warning from Stansberry Research which “inflation and energy crisis [are] jostling towards each other“, predicting “America’s Nightmare Winter” before sending terrified readers to a long nightmarish diatribe.

What is Stansberry Research? We were doing some research and found that Stansberry Research pulled the old alarmist trick and then the exploit since at least 2014, according to Snopesand its founder Porter Stansberry used anti-gay slurs and racist languageafter defraud investors by promising to double their money if they paid $1,000 for a tip on an energy company.

A hateful crook? Fits perfectly at Breitbart!

Similarly, “Consumers’ Research” sponsored an article at Breitbart last week, attacking BlackRock as the “architect of” woke capitalism.'”

For those unfamiliar with the name of one of the oldest industrial facade groups in the United States, consumer research was founded in 1928 and TrueNorth Research gave a great presentation last year. The group “essentially died in 2002 — with zero or almost no income for a decade — only to be reborn in 2013 as a vehicle for amicus memoirs tied to GOP attorneys general.”

The group has “opposed life-saving airbags in cars, fuel efficiency standards, climate change science, rules against spam faxes and even limits on carcinogens”, as well than “payday lenders against interest rate limits”. and “with big tobacco companies against second-hand smoke regulations”.

These days, however, they are a key group pushing the Infowars Invest anti-ESG crusade, attacking trans youthand benefiting from the support of Barre Seid, he the $1.6 billion donation to conservative black money propaganda.

Delingpole must be pissed enough to be out of Breitbart and not collect that money!