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Create content for preschoolers and make it safe too

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Online entertainment abounds, for adults and children alike. The issue for children can sometimes be whether the content is actually safe for them.

GROM Social Enterprises Inc. GROM, a Florida-based entertainment, technology and social media company that aims to provide age-appropriate content for kids by producing its own family-friendly programming, focuses on cultivating original intellectual property (IP) for the very lucrative preschool market.

An example is the development of the franchise “Baldwin’s Big Adventure”, the story of a young and fearless train with a giant heart who embarks on a journey with his buddy to find his father. The project revolves around a preschool animated series and an accompanying book that’s hitting shelves this spring.

The ability to serve families through preschool entertainment is reflected in GROM’s recent acquisition of Curiosity ink holder, a cross-platform original content creator for kids, which Grom acquired in 2021.

The “Baldwin’s Big Adventure” franchise is in partnership with Germany’s Toon2Tango, a Munich-based production company specializing in the development and distribution of family content around the world. Additionally, Toon2Tango will help Curiosity adapt the show to meet local cultural and linguistic needs.

The first of many?

GROM tapped Curiosity chief content officer Russell Hicks as part of the acquisition. Hicks, a former ViacomCBS Inc. VIACThe Nickelodeon veteran who helped cultivate blockbuster hits like “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “Dora the Explorer” is now hard at work growing the preschool side of GROM’s entertainment offerings, along with other responsibilities. The “Baldwin’s Big Adventure” project is set to be the first in a long line – including the recently announced “Aloha Hoku” anime music series – with the goal of creating a TV hit that helps unlock many more revenue-generating opportunities.

“We see tremendous global potential for ‘Baldwin’s Big Adventure’ and are thrilled to partner with the experts at Toon2Tango to bring this franchise to life,” Hicks said when the franchise was announced. “Their dedication to storytelling through compelling custom animation makes them the perfect partner to cultivate this emerging property and serve as a gateway to the revenue-generating opportunities presented by the success we envision for this title.”

Franchise success can lead to multiple other opportunities, Hicks said. Most toys, for example, are sold in the 2-8 age bracket, and by developing preschool content and licensing other related products, it can help create a brand that lasts beyond the first years of a child’s life, according to Hicks.

“It’s very important to build a brand that can last a lifetime,” Hicks told Benzinga. “Kids want to play with similar toys outside of a TV show or wear the same clothes – all things out of the license.”

The growing attention to preschool content is not unique to GROM. Major players in the entertainment industry are also upping the ante in this growing field.

In its latest quarterly results, Walt Disney Co. SAY stated that there would be a renewed emphasis on preschool content. Netflix Inc. NFLX is another content provider that is bolstering its lineup for preschoolers.

“Subscription programmers have realized the tremendous opportunities that preschool success can represent,” said Cheryl Gotthelf, president of Cheryl Gotthelf Consulting. “Successful ownership can not only add – and retain – your subscriber base, but also unlock other potentially lucrative revenue streams, including consumer products, licensing, merchandising, and even experiential touchpoints such as live theatrical tours.”

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice.