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Discovery+ saw its original content multiplied by 5: Megha Tata

Discovery+, which entered the OTT space during lockdown in 2020, saw original content grow fivefold, said Megha Tata, Managing Director for South Asia, Discovery Inc during a one-on-one head with exchange4media. She also said the network’s OTT platform produced more content last year than Discovery in the past 25 years of its presence in India.

Last week, the digital platform announced the launch of its upcoming docuseries – “Legends of the Ramayana” – which will go live on April 7. Prior to this, the network had launched a reality show on the digital platform with actor Vidyut Jamal “India’s Ultimate”. Warrior’.

Read on to find out what Tata has to say about the investment in Discovery Plus, SVOD and AVOD models, NTO 2.0 and the HBO Max merger.

On investing in content

“Discovery, in my opinion, had limitations. Being a television network, there are specific genres for different channels like Discovery, TLC, and Animal Planet, and you could only create content tailored to that specific genre. However, a Once you’ve done Plus, you can play with a wide range of content,” Tata said.

Speaking about the new show, Tata said, “Many genres like this show (Ramayana) could not have resided on any of our existing channels because it is a historical, mythological, scientific and research-based show. , not in the original Discovery Channels avatar. But now that we have it on Plus, it can also be streamed on TV. The plan, however, is to make it work on Plus.

Viewers will see more content in genres like murder mystery, adventure and investigation to name a few, Tata added.


“It’s so gratifying to see consumers finally paying for content, something we’ve long wanted as an industry.” According to Tata, SVOD is where business models are becoming increasingly skewed. In this environment, AVOD is challenged, so Discovery+ is focusing on an SVOD offer; it has a bit of an AVOD proposition, but the focus is on SVOD, she said.

“We wanted to focus on paying subscribers because we have to think long term. Many are moving in this direction because it is also a more sustainable business model for us. As a result, we focused on SVOD.

On sports content

Speaking of the network’s sports properties, Tata said: “We have Eurosports in the TV space and some of the content is shown on Plus as well. Our proposal is more about the duality of sports than about cricket. Most countries love cricket which is great but there are a few who want to watch other sports so we provide content for that. We are looking at creating more originals and also getting some native Indian sports content. But that’s not such a great proposition on the DPlus. Also, there’s a lot going on in the next few months, so let’s see how it plays out and then we can decide.

Impact of ONT 2.0

According to Tata, NTO has had a significant impact on everyone’s business, especially on specialty channels. “Fortunately, because we’re in a very different genre and we were the leaders, our impact wasn’t as big as it might have been in other genres, like the English GEC or the film genre. , which were completely wiped out in many ways because it all went to OTT.

Tata argues that Discovery+ has a distinct place as a genre. “We still have a presence in the market and so our impact hasn’t been as dramatic.”

“Another factor that I think worked in our favor was the price. Product and price are the two most important factors in any consumer’s decision-making process. Our product had a distinct offering, and our pricing was ideal, and so it worked very well in distribution broadcasts. Let’s see how NTO 2.0 unfolds.

Reach in infotainment genre

The genre’s reach and performance have dropped due to a shift in audience, says Tata. “That’s why we have to be in this game (digital presence). If we weren’t, in the next five to seven years we would have been dead history.

“Businesses need to be seen in the perspective of the future, but for the sake of the next 20 years, we cannot ignore the present. Our launch of Discovery+ kept this in mind. The launch was during lockdown and it worked well as people were at home and they wanted to watch more content. But I think that in the next few years, this balance will have to be better defined. We’ll have to find a way to keep the sales of our TV business strong enough, but look at the growth coming from the digital business.

On the HBO Max Fusion

Tata was quick to claim that the HBO Max merger was going according to plan. “We’re really excited about the possibilities, but let the closure happen and then we can talk,” she said at the signing.

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