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Disney+ subscriptions are more receptive to ad-supported content – ​​Media Play News

Stephanie Prange

According to data from Interpret, Disney+ subscribers are more receptive to advertising content than the general population, which puts the company in a good position as it plans to introduce a discounted, ad-supported subscription tier. for its digital streaming video service.

Interpret’s VideoWatch data shows that 55% of Disney+ viewers already consume content on ad-supported services, compared to 44% of the general population.

“When Disney first entered the subscription OTT space, it redefined the criteria for a successful new streaming service,” Brett Sappington, vice president of Interpret, said in a statement. “Before its entry, companies were delighted to exceed 1 or 2 million subscribers. When Disney was able to quickly capture millions of customers, they set the bar high for others to reach. The same could also happen in the ad-supported streaming space. With its large number of current subscribers, a well-known content brand, and existing relationships with advertisers through its television business, Disney+ is well positioned to succeed on an ad-supported level.