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DLF’s Dynasty Fantasy Football 2022 NFL Draft Content Plan

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If you’ve been in these areas for any length of time, the so-called ‘off season’ is where DLF thrives. We don’t shine brighter than this time of year when we bring you our analysis of the NFL Draft dynasty. To prepare you for your all-important rookie drafts, we’ll have tons of coverage for you that will stretch throughout the spring and summer. In addition to everything listed below, expect plenty of other “one-off” items to make your mouth water. Without further ado, here’s what to expect this week and beyond. Anyway, we hit our wheelhouse.


Player Updates
Be sure to bookmark our Dynasty Player News page to follow all the happenings throughout the draft. We’ll be posting updates on drafted players as well as veterans who are impacted by bright new recruits joining their teams. This will be an extremely active page throughout the draft, so be sure to check in and update often as we’ll have stuff updated in real time.

Rookie Draft Guide
As you know, our 2022 rookie draft guide has a life of its own. With all information on the 2022 recruits being constantly updated, this guide full of links, articles, video breakdowns and profiles will be updated throughout the project. Our Rookie Draft Guide is unique because it never goes out of date and contains all the latest information – we’ll be updating it all weekend.

DLF YouTube channel Cover

Thursday night starting at 7:30 a.m. EST on YouTube, our video team will be hosting DLF guests throughout the night. We would love to see you there. This will be great live coverage for you with live analysis and opinion as the selections occur.


Summary of the first day
Expect a recap of the first day of the first round released on Thursday evening. This will include an in-depth analysis of all events that occurred during the first round. There are bound to be some serious dynasty ramifications from the first night.

IDP Day One Recap
We will cover all important IDP events from the first round.

Winners and Losers of Day One of the NFL Draft: Veteran’s Edition
This will cover all veteran players affected by the first round. Who will be removed from their position (we are watching you, running backs and quarterbacks!) and who will come out of the first round unscathed?

What’s next for day two?
This feature will cover offensive players still on the board for day two. How many wide receivers will really go on day one? Which ball carriers are still on the board? Is there a future starting quarterback still in play?

Inside the DLF War Room
We bring you the instant reactions to the draft from the DLF team. How do we feel about landing spots? What surprised us the most? How has the landscape of the dynasty changed? We’ll cover all of that and more.


Day two recap
Expect a day two recap of the second and third rounds released on Friday evening. This will include an analysis of all events during the second day of the project.

Day Two IDP Recap
We cover which IDPs are important to note for your IDP leagues and how they fit into their new teams.

Winners and Losers of Day Two of the NFL Draft: Veteran’s Edition
This will cover all veteran players affected by the second and third rounds. There are bound to be a ton of winners and losers emerging by Friday night.

What’s next for day three?
We cover the top players remaining on the roster after the second and third rounds. Certain dynasty gems will definitely make it onto this list.

Inside the DLF War Room
We bring you more drafts of reactions from the DLF team. How has day two of the NFL Draft affected our Dynasty teams?


Day three recap
We will recap the third day on Saturday evening. This will cover all relevant events from Dynasty during the final day of the NFL Draft.

Winners and Losers of Day 3 of the NFL Draft: Veteran’s Edition
This will cover all veteran players affected by the final round. With which Dynasty players can you finally breathe and relax? Who has seen their values ​​crushed?


Draft Recruit Cheat Sheet
Expect the first downloadable version to be available by Sunday evening.

UDFA analysis
We will cover and track all UDFA signings and share their relevance to the dynasty.

DLF team fictional drafts
We have a group of the DLF team meeting in person for the NFL Draft, so we’ll bring you our first mock draft for both 1QB and Superflex formats.

2022 Dynasty Rookie Rankings: Consensus Rounds One, Two and Three
Our initial rookie rankings will be completed over the weekend. We’ll be bringing you the first three sets of leaderboards in article form early next week.

2022 Post-Draft Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft
In addition to our gut reaction, small team version, expect a three-round post-draft rookie sim to be released next week.

2022 Post-Draft Dynasty Superflex Rookie Mock Draft
We’ll be doing a Superflex mock draft at the same time, so expect a rookie mock draft after the three-round draft to be released next week.

IDP Rookie Mock Roundup
Looking for information on IDP recruits? Yes, we’ll have that covered too.

Slack Rookie Bust Mock Draft
We will be facilitating a mock rookie draft where we draft players based on their drawdown potential.

Flash Forward: fictitious 2023 rookie draft
It’s never too early to start looking at next year’s crop of rookies. Should you trade a first-rounder this year for a first-rounder next season? Which positions appear to be a strength next year? We’ll break it down for you.

Preliminary reviews by division
We’ll bring you eight different articles breaking down the draft by division and giving you a team-by-team breakdown of players added and affected by this weekend’s events.

Distribution of IDPs by conference
We will cover all major events in the IDP world by conference. Who should you target? Which veterans may have lost their jobs?

Rookies destined to be uncovered
Some recruits are exposed every year for various reasons. Who are the most likely candidates this year?

The recruits destined to be under-draped
There are definitely sleepers. We comb through the draft to bring you our first thoughts

ADP Post-Project Changes
Which recruits saw their pre-draft stock increase the most? Who fell the most? Are these changes in value overreactions? We will explore.

50-part rookie profile series
In what will be up to a 50-game series (yes, you read that right), we’ll be bringing you rookie profiles that will include each player’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as a breakdown of their opportunities and threats on their new teams. This will cover all relevant rookies and help round out our 2022 rookie draft guide with the aim of providing you with unparalleled information.

End of round gems
We’ll scour the final rounds of the draft to find players who can help you down the road.

Winners and losers by division
This eight-part series will focus on veteran winners and losers in more depth, broken down by division.

ADP Post-Project Changes
We’ll compare the pre-draft and post-draft ADP dynasty to see what changes seem to be happening quickly.

Rookie WR Post-Draft Primer
This year is especially good for wide receiver talent. We’ll break it down for you and give you the new levels for the job.

IDP Sleepers
You must love these sleepers and IDP needs love too!

Rookie dynasty debates
There are bound to be some tough decisions between the players this off-season. We will discuss the sides for you.

Talent vs. Situation – How to Draft a Rookie
It’s an age-old question. What do the numbers tell us about how we should assess recruits.

Where to grab a Rookie Tight End
It’s a pretty lean draft for tight ends, so where should we target them? What does history teach us?

Throwback in the rookie draft
We’ll cover the best way for you to maneuver through your rookie drafts and maximize your draft pick value.

Choosing the Best Running Back Rookie
We’ll break down what you should be looking for in beginner running backs.

The rookies who landed in the best and worst situations
There will inevitably be surprises and disappointments following the repechage. Which rookies won and which were buried?

The Value of Trading a 2022 Rookie Pick for a 2023 Rookie Pick
We’re looking forward to next year’s rookie crop and considering whether we should move our picks from 2022 to those of 2023.

Unfished Surprises
Every year brings us undrafted players who have a chance to carve out a role somewhere. Who should we watch?

On top of all that, we’ll have more information on the 2QB and IDP leagues along with a ton of instant analysis articles and a deeper breakdown covering everything relevant in Dynasty Leagues. And really gang, that’s exactly what we have planned until May and early June.

A little overwhelmed? No problem! When you have access to the 2022 Rookie Draft Guide, all of this information is added there as soon as it is published. Unlike a downloadable PDF or a magazine that becomes obsolete almost instantly, this guide will give you all the information you need and is essentially a living library of essential information to ace your beginner drafts.

If you’re not a Premium member, now would be a great time to sign up. We publish over 1,000 articles a year and use the revenue to pay our great contributors, make site improvements, and add to our large and growing list of tools and resources – which breaks down to about 14 cents a day or five cents per article. Better yet, check out the new BetSperts bundle, where you can get annual access to DLF, 4for4, the Fantasy Life app and BetSperts for just $99 – the best deal by far in the industry.

Enjoy the draft everyone and let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to see that you don’t see on this list!

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DLF’s Dynasty Fantasy Football 2022 NFL Draft Content Plan