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Emirates News Agency – Integrity, quality content and strong professional values ​​key to digital media growth, say speakers at AMF 2022

DUBAI, 5th October, 2022 (WAM) — Integrity, quality of content and commitment to professional values ​​are key to the growth and survival of digital platforms in a rapidly changing environment, prominent executives have said industry and journalists at the 20th Arab Media Forum (AMF 2022), which wrapped up today in Dubai.

Speaking at a session titled “The Future of Digital Platforms”, Akram El Kassas, editor-in-chief of Youm7 newspaper, said that whatever digital platform is used to disseminate the news, integrity must always pass first. “We should be using technology, instead of technology using us,” he remarked. Khadeeja Al Marzooqi, editor-in-chief of the Dubai Post, said credibility and quality of content and ethical codes should be of paramount importance for digital media.

Panelists in the “Future of Digital Platforms” session, which also included Kawther Zantour, Editor-in-Chief of Acharaa Al Magharib, said the early development of new media was being led by journalists with strong media experience. traditional. However, the new generation of journalists has largely only been exposed to social media platforms. Zantour said gaining proficiency in viewing content is another thing digital media should focus on to grow and reach a wider audience.

Policy makers, writers, opinion makers, renowned media personalities and senior executives from major Arab and international media organizations converged on Dubai for the 20th edition of the region’s largest media event held from 4 to October 5.

The second day of MFA 2022 also featured a session titled “The Future of Work in the Media Industry”, moderated by Zhang Li, Executive Director, China Media Group. Zhang Li shared his insights on the emergence of new technologies in news media and the importance of ensuring media content is relevant to today’s audiences who are highly dependent on smartphones for obtaining news and information.

News media, she said, will evolve as new technologies emerge. Despite the deployment of advanced technologies such as AI to produce and edit information, the human element and creativity remain crucial, she stressed.

During a panel discussion titled “Lebanese Media: The Golden Age and Beyond,” featuring Lebanese television media personalities including Tony Baroud, Jessica Azar and Zaven Kouyoumdjian, panelists discussed of the course of the Lebanese television media sector. The session was moderated by TV host Joyce Akiki.

A session titled “Digital Disruption in Arab Media”, moderated by Nyla Janahi, TV presenter from Bahrain, discussed the declining popularity of traditional media amid the proliferation of new social media platforms. The session featured Adhwan Al Ahmari, Editor-in-Chief of Independent Arabia, who explained how information posted on social media is often unreliable.

Al Ahmari said news media continue to play an important role despite the emergence of new technologies. They will continue to add value by providing analysis and commentary, offering properly contextualized information and providing a thoughtful perspective on events, he added.

In another roundtable titled “New Game Plans in Sports Media,” speakers discussed the future of sports media at a time when sports-focused digital platforms are growing in popularity. Moderated by Sandrine Jabra, sports presenter on, the session featured Yaqoob Al Saadi, CEO of Abu Dhabi Sports Channel; Ahmed Shobier, presenter of ON TV; and MBC Action presenter Waleed Al Farraj.

A session focusing on “The Rising Popularity of TV Series” discussed the state of TV series in the Arab world and its prospects in an entertainment landscape where video-on-demand streaming platforms are challenging the legacy of traditional television. The session, moderated by Neshan Der Haroutiounian, presenter and media coaching expert, featured Sadek Sabbah, CEO of Cedars Art Production; actress Cyrine Abdelnour; actor Abed Fahed; and Sarah Al Jarman, Director of General Channels, Dubai Media Incorporated.