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Enjoying content for children and adults involving minors among the main targets of the summer campaign of the Chinese cyberspace regulator

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China’s top cyberspace regulator on Monday launched a two-month campaign to curb chaotic behavior in cyberspace involving minors, focusing on platforms such as live streaming of short videos, social media, apps learning, online games, e-commerce and smart devices for children.

The latest summer vacation cyberspace environment training launched by the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) as part of China’s Clear and Bright campaign will tackle issues such as exploiting the status internet celebrity to profit and entice minors into indecent postures and suggestive pornographic content to attract traffic.

A popular 3-year-old food vlogger’s live broadcast sparked a heated discussion on the internet in 2020. The toddler weighed around 35 kilograms because he ate too much. Although her parents made it clear that they were only making the videos for fun, the minor’s live streams raised public concerns about behavior taking advantage of underage influencers.

Additionally, online videos of sexual innuendo with minors involved have been exposed on several social media platforms, raising concerns about the protection of minors in cyberspace.

The regulator has urged online platforms not to provide live streaming services to minors under the age of 16 and the authority will severely investigate and punish the issue of inducing minors to participate in paid live streaming activities .

In addition, the regulator will clean up pornographic novels and cartoons made in the image of minors and investigate and address issues such as luring minors to make bad friends and inciting negative emotions.

The sexual seduction of minors, enticement of minors to take nude videos and photos and to commit cyber obscenity using social media applications, chat groups and internet platform channels. the same city will be investigated and severely punished.

The regulator will also step up investigations into the spread of false information, fictitious stories and vulgar conspiracies for hype and attention-grabbing purposes, as well as malicious marketing and other issues. They will also further investigate and punish behaviors of flaunting wealth and worshiping money, indulging in luxury and pleasure, and distorting aesthetics, to avoid adverse effects on minors. .

Meanwhile, the regulator will strictly control the violation of privacy of minors and investigate and punish personal attacks, insults and verbal abuse against minors and other cyber bullying, cleaning up obscene language and other content that can have a bad influence on minors.

In addition, the study of applications and platforms and products on e-commerce platforms will also be inspected to avoid vulgar and gory content involving minors.

Since 2020, the regulator has organized and carried out special rectification campaigns on the Internet environment for minors on summer vacation for two consecutive years.