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Facebook is rolling out revenue sharing for content creators and rights holders

(CelebrityAccess) – On Monday, social media giant Meta announced that it has implemented music revenue sharing on its Facebook platform, making it easier for creators to monetize their videos that use music. licensed music from label partners on the platform.

Powered by Rights Manager, a video, audio and image matching tool developed in-house at Facebook, the music revenue sharing system will use video, audio and image matching tools to protect rights and manage content.

Through the system, content creators can earn money from certain videos that use licensed songs with music revenue sharing, something they weren’t allowed to do before.

To participate, content creators must embed ads in their content and meet Facebook’s monetization eligibility standards in order to access music revenue sharing.

Video creators will receive a 20% revenue share on eligible videos, with a separate share going to music rights holders and, of course, Meta.

To be monetized, a video must be at least 60 seconds long and there must also be a visual component, Meta said. Additionally, licensed music cannot be the primary focus and must instead be incorporated into a larger creation.

The program launched today in the US and will roll out to other regions where music is available on Facebook in the coming months.