Content plan

Free Template: Get the content plan that works! | by Marielle Reussink | August 2022

Businesses large and small are missing the opportunity to create better, more timely, and more impactful content simply because they don’t plan ahead. No matter what stage your business is in, whether you’ve been working week-to-week or even day-to-day, now is the time to start putting the power of content planning into action!

A content plan allows you to be strategic about the content you create by not only viewing What you will create but when and Why. If you’ve ever been caught rushing to line up content for a launch or wondering what to post about, a content plan just might be your new best friend.

Do you really need a content plan for your business? It depends! If you want to create content for itself, you might be able to just work on the fly. However, you need a content plan if your goals are to:

  • Drive your business goals
  • Create high-quality content that people actually find useful and enjoy
  • Engage, nurture and move your audience down marketing funnel
  • Reap the rewards of SEO
  • Use your resources efficiently
  • Always have content to support what’s happening in your business
  • Coordinate your marketing efforts across multiple channels
  • Reduce anxiety, pressure and overwhelm

By planning ahead, you can avoid compromising on quality and rushing to write text or create visuals at the last minute. More importantly, you can ensure that the content you create actually has a purpose.

At the very least, your content plan should include a deadline, the subject of your post, a strategy or theme the post relates to, and the channel you will post it on. From here, you can add whatever information you think is useful for your workflow and business goals.

When crafting your content plan, think about the purpose behind what you create. Hint: it’s not a pretty document that you would have gotten an A for in school, but never actually use… What you create is a useful tool, so make sure that whatever comes out of the process is helpful to you.

Do you support upcoming launches or important dates? Are you planning content to meet the needs of all your audience segments over time? Does your content effectively showcase different aspects of your business, including your brand messages and products/services? Can you reuse content across multiple channels such as your blog, email, and social media?

The beauty of a content plan is that you can see how all of your content efforts fit together, before you spend time and money creating anything. Instead of ending up with a random assortment of topics based on what seemed most relevant in any given week, you can be strategic and create the content your business actually needs the most.

There are many tools that can help you manage your content plan, but we strongly believe that the best tool is the one you will actually use. A content plan is a living, breathing thing that needs to be referenced and updated constantly. To that end, we’ve created two simple content plan templates in Google Sheets that you can use to get started.

A build is a basic content plan that gives you an easy-to-use starting point with minimal prep time. You don’t have to aim for the stars with your content plan to get real value out of it! If you’re ready to go further, our advanced content plan gives you everything you need to use content strategically to grow your business.

If you still feel stuck, contact us to get started: [email protected]