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Future-proof DOOH with streaming content

Gulab Patil Founder and CEO Lemma

Gulab Patil, CEO of Lemma, shares his thoughts on the transformative impact of streaming content on DOOH media

INDIA, Feb. 16, 2022 / — *This article was first published on*

The dramatic rise of digital out-of-home (DOOH) media as one of the most attractive advertising destinations for major brands in global markets is being significantly fueled by the application of cutting-edge internet and mobile technologies. Internet of Things (IoT). As the 2-year-long Covid-19 pandemic had given the DOOH industry a boost, with declining viewership levels in the wake of government-imposed travel and travel restrictions people in urban agglomerations, the year 2022 portends a great spirit of business revival. with the world seemingly overwhelmed with the catastrophic consequences of the global health crisis. People everywhere are stepping out of their bounds with the unwavering determination to recover the various facets of normal life, and this is driving a large number of viewers out of their homes, which is a great encouragement for DOOH companies.

In recent years, DOOH has unfolded in all its glory, with spectacular displays and gripping content. This medium is attracting a growing share of on-the-go audiences, in airports, metro systems and stations, shopping malls and malls, as well as places such as business parks, pubs and restaurants. and residential complexes. These are typically audiences that do not consume television while away from home and on the go. These factors have greatly influenced the formation of a rather bullish global outlook on the growth of DOOH. A research and markets report published in June 2021 indicated that the DOOH market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.35% over a 5-year period to reach a market size of $33.372 billion in 2026, up from $16.750 billion in 2019, driven by the advent of the latest technologies and devices.

The growing appeal of DOOH is also facilitated by the fact that the content of this medium is “unskippable”, unlike that of digital media. The Internet has made this DOOH a connected media. In line with these developments, Lemma has developed its own platform to connect DOOH media assets and networks.

However, the moot question was whether DOOH content is comparable to that of connected TV, over-the-top (OTT) channels and the like. Leveraging internet applications for DOOH, Lemma has taken strong steps to build and promote a platform for streaming content to DOOH screens, delivering similar, if not superior, user experiences offered by YouTube on small screens.
While YouTube and OTT content is typically consumed on small screens such as mobile phones, laptops and connected TVs, Lemma makes it easy to deliver content to large format DOOH screens, across all geographies. Until now, streaming content was widely delivered one-on-one on personal digital screens, but Lemma disrupted content delivery by creating the platform for delivering content to DOOH screens, targeting an audience mass that would be essential for advertisers.

Given the wide reach of connected DOOH screens and the possibility of streaming content on the networks, TV entertainment channels themselves measure the advisability of undertaking promotional actions for their novelties on the DOOH networks. Over the past 12 to 18 months, a number of movie promos have aired on DOOH Network screens in the United States and Southeast Asia, with Lemma playing an instrumental role in delivering the content. For example, Lemma streamed content for multiple brands on DOOH worldwide, a campaign for ZEE5 on DOOH screens in US markets, in line with the OTT platform’s goal of establishing a significantly expanded audience in this market which has a following for India-centric entertainment content.

Lemma not only offers Indian brand promotions on DOOH screens in overseas markets, but also brings global brand advertisements to Indian DOOH media. In India itself, Lemma ran several branded ad campaigns on DOOH screens, while also using its programmatic platform. More recently, Lemma programmatically launched an MX Player campaign on India’s largest DOOH screen operated by Leafberry in Ludhiana.

Lemma has made streaming content to DOOH screens a seamless experience as our platform, fully compliant with International Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards, is capable of running content developed for others digital media directly to DOOH networks. Brands and agencies that opt ​​for this omnichannel communication also have the benefit of uploading content to our centralized, cloud-based supply-side platform (SSP), instead of having to place that content on their own platforms. respective forms to effectively measure performance on mobile, desktop. , CTV and DOOH . It also avoids having to reuse content created for digital media before delivering it to DOOH screens.

In the emerging scenario, owners of DOOH assets and networks gain access to the massive $500 billion ad spend on digital media, instead of banking on a fraction of that spend reserved for DOOH advertising.

As much of the streaming content will be directed to DOOH screens installed in closed environments like airports, train stations, metro stations, pubs and restaurants, lounges and the like, the streaming content does not need to be muted. However, even if the content needs to be muted in certain places, this would not be a hindrance, as dynamic advertising content broadcast on digital media is muted by default and studies show that almost 60% of this content is consumed as is. , without being deactivated.

Through a calibrated application of rapidly changing data technologies, planners and advertisers are able to target their streaming content to audiences with great precision. Robust audience data, available in real time, ensures content is delivered to the right audience at the right time. Moreover, the streaming content itself today is well organized with animation graphics that offer impressionable impressions on the audience.

Going forward, streaming content on DOOH networks will prove to be the compelling game-changer for advertising on the medium, paving the way for DOOH media operators to claim a far greater share of ad spend.

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