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Gabbie Hanna posts over 100 TikTok videos in 24 hours! Content creator’s ‘manic episode’ sparks both concern and ridicule on social media

Internet personality Gabbie Hanna has been making headlines for “weird” things lately. The famous TikTok star and YouTuber has his real fans worried for his well-being after posting over 100 videos in one day! Each of these videos has been viewed hundreds and thousands of times. The viral clip drew mixed reactions online. Fans think Gabbie Hanna is going through a “possible psychotic break or probable manic episode”. Reportedly, Hanna’s quirky video streak began on August 23, when she released a clip proclaiming that she would save the world. From there, the TikToker grabbed all the attention commenting on heavy topics like the universe, death, religion, whites and blacks, conspiracy theories, aliens, and mental illness. Tea Tuesday: From Gabbie Hanna Snitching to Jason About Trisha’s Herpes to Jeffree Star Responding to the ‘Hair in Eye Shadow’ Controversy.

What exactly did Gabbie Hanna post on TikTok?

The 31-year-old, who is popular for updating her fans on her daily life, is also known for her talent as a singer. But God knows why the American internet personality created content that has his millions of followers on Youtube, TikTok and Twitter worried. While some netizens urged her to get help and get a checkup, a category of people also mocked her for creating mindless content. The singer also said she was a follower of Jesus Christ and spoke about black people, assuming them to be “inherently cooler than white people.” Taking to microblogging site Twitter, an online user posted a clip from the Livestream where Gabbie was fuming about the topics.

An excerpt from Gabbie Hanna’s controversial TikTok clip:

Internet users sympathized with Hanna’s crisis and expressed their concern on social networks. Check out the tweets below.

Twitter feed in support of Hanna:

Meanwhile, some users viewed the serious situation as a fun and entertaining event.

That’s not it, the singer-content creator also posted a video in which she let a random guy into the house who she said was a stranger. Fans also tweeted much the same, asking her to be safe.

Here is a thread to better understand the situation

Additionally, in videos, Gabbie told her viewers that she asked LA police to come to her door for a welfare check after neighbors heard her screaming in her backyard. Nonetheless, Gabbie has branched out to most other social media platforms as they have emerged, such as Instagram and TikTok, and has even penned two bestselling poems.

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