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High school students create content for the new Utica Community Schools Instagram account

To communicate with and on behalf of students, Utica Community Schools invited high school students across the district to create a new Instagram page, @UCSstudents, pictured at right.


SHELBY TOWNSHIP / UTICA / STERLING HEIGHTS – There is a new effort on social media this year to connect the four full high schools of Utica Community Schools and give parents and the community a sense of what is happening at the inside schools.

Eight high school students take turns creating the content that is shared on the @UCSstudents Instagram account, which started just before the start of the current school year. The district invited students to participate.

Jessica Barsoum, a Stevenson High School junior who came up with the idea last year and is a member of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council, said the experience so far has been amazing and she loves working with her. all team members.

“We were able to share activities with students and show how great our student body really is, other than academically. @UCSstudents is important because there are thousands of students in the district and many of them have been disconnected from their school in ways they grew up with. The page lets students know what’s going on at their school as well as others in the district,” she said via email.

Mikayla Mazza, a Henry Ford II high school student, said her experience with @UCSstudents so far has been great. She enjoyed posting about events at her school and seeing what other students are posting about their schools.

“I also really like that we can get really creative with our ideas and think outside the box in our posts. I think @UCSstudents is so important because that’s really what the average student is really interested in. Everyone world can see themselves represented on a platform designed specifically for them,” she said in an email.

Another @UCSstudents contributor is Melak Mardo, a sophomore at the Gene L. Klida Utica Academy for International Studies.

“I got to meet students from all over the district and it’s really cool when we’re all brainstorming ideas and just being in the creative zone when creating the posts. Getting together as students from different schools is really fun and interesting. I always hear about unique events happening at each UCS school. I think @UCSstudents is important to UCS because it allows students to see what’s happening not just in their school but in schools across the district. This Instagram account also engages students because it comes from students,” Mardo said in an email interview.

Apart from students, parents and community members can follow the account to get a better idea of ​​what is going on in the schools.

“This new medium helps engage our students by highlighting the positive things happening in our high schools,” said UCS Superintendent Robert S. Monroe.

To learn more, follow @UC Students on Instagram.