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How Khushaal Pawaar differentiates his content from an actor’s point of view

The pandemic locked people in their homes, from where many of them headed to social media.

Such a person is Khushaal Pawaar, who decided to switch from Bollywood to the world of content creation. He continued to focus on his true passion, acting, while creating relevant internet videos to entertain audiences amid the pandemic.

Having worked with B-town celebrities such as Salman Khan, Shahid Kapoor and othersKhuhsaal brings an actor’s point of view to his content game and garnered a follower base of 171K on Instagram.

Talking about his background, Khushaal says there hasn’t been a lot of filming or auditioning in the industry during the pandemic. He started creating and posting content with the goal of honing his acting skills every day.

Khushaal Pawaar

“The main reason was to get feedback because everyone back home will tell you you’re good, but when you post your content you’ll know if you’re going in the right direction,” he says.

Khushaal had no intention of doing mainstream comedy and focused on creating content on topics or situations related to everyday people. These ended up “being funny to its audience as a situation comedy”.

“I take things from real life and as an actor that helps me,” he says, adding that comedy is something that would work on Instagram or YouTube because that’s what audiences want.

Talking about the content creation process, Khushaal says he makes random videos whenever he “has an idea”. He doesn’t plan ahead or set a schedule because creating content “comes very naturally” to him.

“As an actor, I’ve always believed in something called impulse, so if something comes to me instinctively, I do it,” he shares.

Khushaal does a lot of commercials and auditions, which earns him money. In the future, he wants to focus heavily on acting, his true passion. “My dream has always been Bollywood. I wanted to act everyday, that’s why I got into content creation,” he explains.

The content creator also wants to focus on his YouTube channel for short series and videos, and also collaborates with other YouTubers and creators. “I want to tell stories on YouTube,” he concludes.

Edited by Teja Lele Desai