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Inmobi’s Rajesh Pantina seeing the invisible in the whirlwind of content

A whole new world for the advertising and marketing industry has been opened up by digital media. It is revolutionary media and not just a new era media platform to complement traditional platforms like print, TV and radio. The Ad-Tech and Mar-Tech worlds are taking advantage of emerging aspects of digital to refine their strategies. Although digital adoption began over a decade ago, new elements emerge frequently, which makes this medium so dynamic and difficult to master.

Adgully’s Inaugural Edition DATAMATIXX Summit and Awards 2022held in Mumbai on August 25, focused on data analytics, programming, AI/AR/ML, connected TV, cookie-free future and more.

Delivering his keynote on “Seeing the Unseen in the Content Whirlwind”, Rajesh Pantina, Director – Marketing, APAC, Inmobi, said, “The internet has given us different opportunities to really inspire each other and engage with each other. Fifteen years ago, 2007 was the year Inmobi was created and we ended up thinking that mobile was going to change the world and we wanted to look into the idea of ​​personalized advertising in mobile applications. It was a time when Apple’s iPhone wasn’t launched, and today we continue to be India’s top-grossing unicorn.

He added: “One of the big issues or issues that we were trying to solve at one point was to think about how consumers today are really glued to their smartphones, spending so much time on them. a burning desire to see content. – smaller chunks or longer chunks – to really discover the right content, the right kind of inspiration in every micro-moment. But the question is how do we see the invisible in a whirlwind of digital content. The first big thing is that there are 12,000 hours of video content streaming across the internet every day, and when you’re basically trying to discover that content, it’s not that easy, it’s all in the walled gardens. The consumer accesses 3-4 selected apps such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., and continues to repeat this cycle. Even after spending 4.8 hours a day on the Internet, consumers want to stay informed, entertained and have inspiring ideas every micro moment spent on their smartphone. The journey to discover content is not short, so we came up with the following problem statement: – Can this journey be easier for each of us? And can we reimagine a fluid, frictionless world of content discovery? »

Pantina pointed out that this requires reinvention. He explained, “It started by looking at the place we visit most often every day, which is the lock screen, and we thought what more could we do with the lock screen. ? We thought about creating something that’s not really an app, but a one-click journey for consumers in content discovery, where the content comes to you. So we partnered with OEMs including Samsung, Vivo and others to make these phones have Glance. Google and Jio are investing in us and driving it forward globally. We have over 200 million people in India, engaging 25 minutes a day with the lock screen, consuming content. At Glance Live Fest, actor Rajkummar Rao was live on Glance accepting challenges, where people interacted and engaged with him. We had 690,000 people who interacted with him live. We also had the Roposo Jam Room, where people chatted with their favorite singers. We had both female and male players live – around 2.7 million players participated in a live game tournament on Glance. IPL was also live on Glance. The question is how a content creator can drive this experience, enter lock screen marketing and consumer behavior.

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