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It’s time for Digital MGNREGA: says analyst Sumant Parimal

October 18, 2022, New Delhi: Government Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGA). of India was in the spotlight during the recent pandemic when many poor people lost their jobs during the lockdowns and returned to their villages and registered under the MGNREGA rural employment scheme.

Recently, the Government of India decided to set the minimum quantum of labor required to earn a day’s wage under the MGNREGA, in which unskilled rural people are guaranteed 100 days of employment for every rural household that requires labor, which is mostly manual labor.

As the Government of India is considering the types and quantum of works that are covered by MGNREGA, Chief Analys of ‘5Jewels Research’, Mr. Sumant Parimal is for a digital version of MGNREGA.

Giving his opinion on the recent government decision. of India to define the minimum work requirement under the MGNREGA, Mr Sumant PARIMAL said, “With the growing adoption of digital, mobile and internet technologies among the rural population of India, and with growing digital awareness among the masses and with a semi-skilled labor force mass needed to create a massive digitization infrastructure that also includes massive data and content mapping, digitization, tagging and augmentation tasks for building big-data, analytics, and AI (artificial intelligence) systems, it is time for Digital MGNREGA, where rural people also get jobs in digital fields, in addition to the current scope of physical work”.

“We need enormous historical and current data, content and context generated from our various activities and surrounding ecosystems, which become the raw material to fuel the growth of our analytics and AI systems, which requires enormous human efforts to augment these digital raw materials (data, content, images, contexts etc.) Indian rural people, who seek employment under the MGNREGA scheme, could also be a good target to engage in such such basic digital infrastructure creation activities, with minor skills, therefore requiring expanding the scope of the current MGNREGA, which is mainly concerned with the creation of physical infrastructure activities in areas such as the construction of roads, construction, irrigation » Sumant parimal said further.

At present, the Government of India spends about Rs 1 trillion every year on MGNREGA, which is mainly used as a worker’s wage and becomes an income for the rural poor. But a digital MGNREGA, according to the 5Jewels Research analyst, will be able to generate a strong revenue stream for the government. of India by monetizing the digital assets created, which in turn can reduce the government’s budget deficit, which occurs due to the funding of large public welfare schemes like MGNREGA, and also has the potential to increase the country’s per capita income.