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Kirti Singh wins hearts with her compelling social media content, exuding her love for travel



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This passionate girl is already doing well in her IT job as a senior financial analyst at EY and yet takes the time to follow through on her goals as a social media content creator.

It is badly needed today to talk more about how young people around the world have made a unique name for themselves in their respective industries. Talking about their backgrounds and successes and the many paths they choose to take is essential to letting the world know what they have as young professionals and what they are truly capable of achieving in the slots they have chosen. One of these most popular industries is the digital space and the world of social media, which has constantly seen the rise of many such talented beings, including tons of professional and creative women like Kirti Singh.

Kirti Singh

Born on December 14, 1994 in Jharkhand, from the very beginning Kirti Singh always sought to do something that could help her build a strong career and something that could make her happy and spread positivity to others. Today, she has grown to be a senior financial analyst at EY, but for her passion for travel, she has also chosen to be part of the social media game. Hence, she started making travel content videos on her handle and gradually started gaining massive fans and followers.

This has made Kirti Singh an avid travel influencer and even a content writer who also expresses herself through motivational captions for her and her friends and through written articles. During her college days, she even wrote poems, which earned her great appreciation from people. For her growing interest and love for writing, Kirti Singh is already writing a book. Currently, she is also following a professional course and is a CMA (inter) student.

The lockdown motivated her to first become a food blogger and then slowly she started uploading her travel videos, as she always dreamed of traveling the world. This has helped her to collaborate with hotels and resorts in India and abroad. His travel videos are informative, helpful yet entertaining which has connected well with his audience and given him insane momentum and recognition.

Kirti Singh does all of this to spread more positivity and happiness in others.

Article first published: Saturday, July 2, 2022, 9:45 p.m. [IST]