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Launch of new season of “SC Featured” content on ESPN’s “SportsCenter”

A new season of ESPNis awarded Featured SC storytelling brand will debut on Sunday, February 20 on sports centercontinuing the 20-year-old tradition of Sunday functionality in ESPN’s signature news and information program.

What is happening:

  • Featured SC broadcast stories sports center during the months of the NFL’s offseason and the new season opens with a tie-in to this weekend’s NBA All-Star Game – History of Oop Alley will examine the origin and evolution of one of basketball’s most exciting games.
  • The segment will premiere at 8 a.m. ET on Sunday sports centeraired again in the 11 p.m. ET schedule, then aired again in other editions. Featured SC the segments are also available on demand in an exclusive archive on ESPN+.
  • Featured SC started in 2002 as sports center Sunday Feature and was renamed Featured SC in 2013. ESPN Features, which produces Featured SC and also premiered in 2002, received 118 Sports Emmy Award nominations, earning 19 Emmy Awards.
  • Featured SC has received 44 Sports Emmy Award nominations and won five Emmys since its inception in 2013. Featured SC has also won seven Edward R. Murrow Journalism Awards in the past six years, with the 2021 story Fight for Aniah the brand’s latest Murrow recipient.
  • Stories planned for the next three weeks of Featured SC:
    • February 27 — Omitted: The Black Cowboy For Black History Month, Featured SC will explore the history of African American contributions to Western and rodeo culture and the media bias in the 20th century that did not include the accomplishments of African Americans. One such story is that of Bill Pickett, the son of slaves, who became famous for his unique technique for catching runaway cattle in the early 1900s. Fifty-two years after Pickett’s death, a promoter saw the need to showcase the talents of black cowboys and created the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo, an all-black rodeo intended to create a safe space for riders to develop their talents on their journey to the highest levels of rodeo. In 2021, it became the first all-black rodeo to air on national television.
    • March 6 – Pay it forward In 1999, Carolyn Peck became the first black woman to win an NCAA women’s basketball championship as a coach. In 2015, she sent a piece of the championship net to coach Dawn Staley. Once Staley won her own championship in 2017, she returned the piece of the net to Peck. It was then Staley’s turn to carry on the tradition. Unable to choose a single deserving black female coach, she opted to send a portion of her championship net to all black female Division 1 coaches as a symbol to keep pushing forward and supporting each other through the journey.
    • March 13 – The selected On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the game, Featured SC revisits Lebron James’ only loss to a high school in Ohio featuring several of the players from the team that defeated King James. James’ Lakers take on the Phoenix Suns that night at 8 p.m. on ESPN.
  • Featured SC schedule subject to change.