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Mediabrands is rolling out a content studio in MY with Stanley Clement as CEO

IPG Mediabrands has expanded its Mediabrands Content Studio (MBCS) in Malaysia with Stanley Clement (pictured) as CEO, reporting to Bala Pomaleh, CEO of Mediabrands Malaysia. Reprise Creative, SpringCreek and Initiative Studio Malaysia will integrate into a single entity under the MBCS banner that will act as a parent creative network, with Ensemble Worldwide remaining a standalone brand.

Clément was previously Managing Director of Reprise Digital, overseeing creative and content activities. He will be supported by Phang Mei Jeng (pictured below left) as Managing Director of MBCS and Didi Pirinyuang (pictured below right) as ECD of MBCS, while continuing to lead the business Together Worldwide.

MBCS Malaysia will focus on developing original short and long-form, branded, performance and campaign content. Additionally, MBCS will provide a suite of entertainment solutions including media development, talent development, influencer strategies and production partnerships designed to powerfully grow clients’ brands. It will also support Mediabrands agencies including UM, Initiative and Reprise.

Although Mediabrands didn’t say why it chose to keep Ensemble as a standalone brand, its spokesperson said. A+M that the goal is to fuel advanced creative stories with his knowledge of media and audiences. “It bridges the gap between the expectations and experience of our audiences by co-creating and integrating our strategic partners into our product, delivering creativity across the entire funnel,” added the carrier. word.

Nonetheless, with Malaysia having a very strong practice and presence, the agency believes the opportunity becomes better for clients and brands to take advantage of the solutions built by MBCS.

When asked what are the top trends the team is watching, Clement said A+M that a key reality in this area is the democratization of creativity, especially in this rapidly growing creative economy. “At MBCS, we believe it is imperative to build a culture of partnership. This requires a deeply integrated approach where creators, media and data work intrinsically together,” he said.

Meanwhile, Pomaleh explained that the launch of MBCS in Malaysia reinforces the agency’s commitment to the continuous evolution of its offerings, integrating new and innovative content models more closely into client solutions. “By bringing together the best of Mediabrands creativity through the power of our data and media expertise, we will be able to create content experiences that build our brands in more exciting ways than ever before,” he said. added.

The launch of MBCS in Malaysia is part of MBCS’ broader international growth strategy, which plans to expand the global agency from 12 to 20 territories by the end of 2022. The move signifies a deeper commitment from IPG Mediabrands to expand the scale and reach of customer content offerings across the network.

MBCS was rolled out in 2020 and Brendan Gaul was appointed Global Chief Content Officer at that time. A few months later, Amit Sutha, former CEO of UM Malaysia and Ensemble Malaysia, was appointed EVP, Executive Director of Global Affairs of MBCS. Based in New York, he now oversees the development and deployment of specialized content teams and capabilities across Mediabrands’ core markets.

Alfonso Marian, Global Creative Director and Global CEO of MBCS, said Malaysia has always been very strong creatively, so formalizing its content offerings by launching MBCS in the market was a natural next step for the agency. . “We are excited to see the work that Malaysia will produce with the added support of MBCS’ global network,” he added.

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