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Meet Rumi Munawar Badshah, creating buzz with his viral social media content

Meet Rumi Munawar Badshah, creating buzz with his viral social media content

New Delhi : Rumi Munawar Badshah has become one of the top models, influencers and TikTokers based in the United Arab Emirates.

Of the many things that have caught people’s attention and turned their heads the most around the world, the rise and emergence of professional women, entrepreneurs and artists, etc., has been the only something that has created a lot of buzz around the industries and sectors of the world. It’s amazing how women have paved their own path to success and created massive momentum for themselves in whatever they choose to get their hands on. The world of arts, entertainment and social media is one that has recently welcomed a mammoth of incredibly talented women, who have shown their A game to the world and gained a lot of name and fame for themselves. Serving as the perfect example of such a creative soul is Rumi Munawar Badshah.

Rumi Munawar Badshah is one of those rare talents who has made a name for himself in the field and inspired greatness on digital platforms for his outstanding and engaging content. She is originally from Pakistan and now calls the United Arab Emirates home. Popularly known as Murshad, Rumi confesses that from the very beginning, if anything caught her attention the most, it was all things artistic and creative. She would see how the models and actors would work and follow their work with passion. This imbued her heart with more passion and inclination for these fields, and thus she started her modeling career. Today the UAE-based influencer is known for creating viral voice and sound content.

Be it his TikTok videos or his videos on his YouTube channel, Rumi never ceases to amaze the audience and always strives to bring them something new and unique. As a model in 2018, she won Best South Asian Model in the UAE and has also been a star for various well-known Indian and Pakistani designers so far in her career. Not only that, his artistic skills and talents have allowed him to work in TVCs with several renowned brands like Danube, Milano.

There’s a reason why Rumi is trending in the UAE today for his incredible viral content. She aims to continue entertaining her audience and achieve greater levels of success as a model, TikToker, and influencer.