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More than half of Australians continue to watch content rather than go out as cost of living issues sting

52% of Australians said they were spending more time consuming daily content than before the pandemic due to cost of living concerns.

53% say inflation is the main reason for staying at home, higher than the global average of 45%. Instead of going out on the town, 46% of Australians have subscribed to additional services over the past year. 22% of Australians expect to spend more time on social media.

Half of Australians are open to ad-supported video streaming apps if it lowers prices. However, this is less than the global average of 59%.

The stats come from a new DoubleVerify study that looked at more than 16,600 global consumers from 18 countries, including more than 500 Australians.

Along with cost-of-living concerns keeping people at home, more than two-thirds of Australians say that if an advert captures their attention within the first five seconds, they’ll be more likely to pay attention.

Similarly, three-fifths of Australians are even less likely to buy/use a brand again if they see it advertised alongside fake news or misinformation. Meanwhile, 68% of Australians said they’re more likely to pay attention to an advertisement if it’s relevant to the content they’re viewing, such as reviews or gift ideas.

“The study sheds light on the far-reaching impact and influence of macro-social and economic trends on Australian consumers’ post-pandemic digital content consumption habits and preferences, particularly in the face of growing economic uncertainty. Brands need to respond to these changes to ensure they continue to reach the right audience and generate optimal return on digital ad spend,” said Imran Masood, Country Director of AUNZ.

“Australian research data shows a real opportunity to grab consumer attention and maximize campaign performance if brands focus on ad placements that are targeted, contextually relevant and brand safe. Brand values ​​are also a key consideration for the majority of Australians, and an important factor that advertisers will need to weigh closely in their advertising strategies to maintain their reputation and consumer trust as consumer concerns about misinformation and misinformation increases.