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MSQ launches global cross-platform content offering

MSQ, which now describes itself as a “global next-generation creative and technology group”, has launched MSQ Global Studios to help advertisers deliver relevant content to the ever-growing number of media channels.

MSQ Global Studios will be led by London-based MSQ Head of Dynamic Content and Production Morgan Cox. Cox will oversee the day-to-day management of MSQ Global Studios in Europe, with MSQ Studios Asia led by Andy Edmonds, who joined MSQ from Media.Monks where he was Senior Director of Regional Growth for APAC.

Edmonds, who also worked at Havas Media Group in the UK, will lead MSQ Studios’ Singapore hub. MSQ Studios Shanghai will be led by Caroline So and Fili Chung.

The North American branch of MSQ Global Studios, based in New York, will follow.

Cox says, “Every day, marketers are being asked to create more with less. MSQ Global Studios will deliver a cohesive, all-encompassing content solution that delivers high levels of creativity at scale, integrating seamlessly into a business’ workflow to deliver tangible benefits in terms of speed, cost savings and overall performance.

Edmonds, Head of Asia, says: “Connecting the local to the global, not the other way around, is crucial if international brands are to truly thrive in Asia, where cultures, languages, nuances and legalities differ so widely. . By combining our creative capabilities and technology with local insights, MSQ Studios will help brands produce thousands of assets quickly, so they can get closer to customers to drive growth.

All ad groups are doubling their production as a growing source of business. Interestingly, MSQ has lured Asia boss Edmonds of Sir Martin Sorrell’s Media.Monks, who has encountered a few bumps in the road recently.