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Nurse fired because co-workers watch her OnlyFans content at work

A TikToker revealed that she was fired from her job as a nurse because co-workers watched her OnlyFans videos at work.

Content creator and nurse Jaelyn has revealed in a viral video with over 2.2 million views that she was fired from her job for being a “distraction” to her colleagues.

The 22-year-old explained that her main source of income was creating OnlyFans content, and that for the past year and a half she had also worked as a nurse for a group of retirement homes.

However, Jaelyn shared that she was recently called into the office by a woman she had never met, who told her she knew about her OnlyFans content.

The woman claimed nurses at their nursing home watched her social media and OnlyFans while Jaelyn was with patients. The TikToker said the woman told her it had become a problem, which resulted in her being fired.

“She said she couldn’t make it happen every time I worked, so she had to let me go,” she recalled, adding that “the main reason for letting me go was that they need a job more than I do.”

The TikToker added that his colleagues would have to pay for his OnlyFans to watch his videos on the clock.

“Like they paid for my site, so they can all see and watch the nurse’s station while they’re on the clock,” Jaelyn said.

TikTok reacts to nurse being fired over co-workers watching her OnlyFans content

Many TikTok users have urged Jaelyn to file a wrongful termination lawsuit.

“File a complaint with your state labor board. This is unfair dismissal. You can get paid for it! a user urged.

“This is 110% a trial…no questions asked,” another user wrote. “Unless it specifically says something in that employer’s code of conduct.”

“Get a lawyer. You can sue 100% for wrongful termination! YOU WILL WIN! it’s illegal to fire you for that!” someone else commented.

“I work in HR – lawsuit baby!” a fourth person shared.

In a follow-up video, Jaelyn said she met with the woman who fired her to get a written explanation to send to a lawyer. Essentially, Jaelyn thinks she was fired for being a distraction.