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Origami Risk Partners with STP to Make Regulatory Compliance and Audit Content Accessible Through Origami’s EHS Platform

CHICAGO and VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Origami Risk and STP ComplianceEHS (STP) today announced its collaboration to make STP’s regulatory compliance and related audit content accessible through the Origami Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) platform.

Notably, EHS professionals, risk, and other executives using Origami’s EHS platform are able to maintain legal records and related tasks with direct access to STP RegHub, which includes full-text libraries U.S. and all state, federal and Canadian federal regulations and statutes. provincial/territorial laws and regulatory resources, as well as regulatory compliance data from over 100 jurisdictions. Customers can also access STP’s AuditHub content within Origami to complete audit questionnaires to more effectively manage compliance and corrective actions for their operations in the US, Canada and other regions. .

“One of the challenges for EHS leaders whose companies have multi-state or international operations is keeping up with the dynamic and complex regulatory environment governing employee health and safety and global environmental compliance,” said Sean Salvas. , Senior Market Strategy Manager-EHS at Origami. Risk. “By joining forces with STP, we are able to provide a robust solution for EHS teams to seamlessly monitor regulations and requirements across all jurisdictions, ensure compliance, as well as track progress. corrective actions stipulated by regulators.”

“We are excited to team up with Origami to provide access to our comprehensive and fully up-to-date regulatory compliance information and auditing solutions to EHS professionals and team members using their platform,” said Gail Ankiewicz, President of STP. “Our state-of-the-art solutions have become the standard for security, risk and compliance managers across all industry sectors in the United States and Canada and are rapidly gaining popularity in many other parts of the world; they are sure to be a differentiator for Origami’s expanding EHS customer base.

In addition to the resources available from STP, Origami offers a full suite of digital EHS solutions available on a highly configurable and fully integrated web and mobile platform. The functionality includes safety management, analytics, PSM (process safety management), occupational health and environmental management. Access more information about Origami’s EHS Suite at

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STP ComplianceEHS (STP) produces audit publications and associated protocols, full-text content, and regulatory oversight covering environmental, health and safety, transportation, business practices, standards, and law, offering comprehensive advice on key compliance and regulatory issues. STP is a division of Glacier Media Inc., a Canadian news communications company that provides primary and essential information in print, electronic and online media. Glacier’s Business and Professional Information Group publishes directories, technical manuals, research and development materials, medical education, electronic databases, investment information and specialized websites.

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