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Paddy Considine snubbed Game of Thrones over ‘dragon’ content | Entertainment

Paddy Considine turned down an audition for ‘Game of Thrones’ because it was ‘about dragons’.

The 48-year-old actor landed the highest-profile role of his career as King Viserys in the upcoming fantasy prequel ‘House of the Dragon’, but admitted he could have partnered with George’s fantasy world RR Martin much sooner if he hadn’t instantly shut down the possibility.

Explaining how his agent sent him a script for ‘Game of Thrones’, Paddy recalled to Sunday Times Culture magazine: “He said, ‘It’s about dragons.’ I went, ‘No thanks.’ I haven’t even read it.”

But Paddy isn’t upset about what could have been.

He added, “If I couldn’t be a **** to get to an audition, that’s my lookout.”

The actor has spoken in the past about his father being a “mental and physical bully” before his death from cancer in 2006, but it was his mother he based his portrayal of the ailing Viserys on.

He said: “Not my father. If anything, Viserys was based on my mother.

“She was the most powerful woman I knew, for a long time. Until she neglected herself.

“At the end of her life, she suffered from diabetes. She was blind and had both legs amputated and I believe the disease became a hiding place for her so she didn’t have to face things. It can happen to some people. I adored my mother. But her illness has become her comfort zone.

“It was tragic to see this decline and I put that – plus her kindness and her love – into Viserys.”

Just as Viserys is estranged from his brother, Prince Daemon (Matt Smith), Paddy is also estranged from his siblings, which he admitted was a “tragedy”.

He said, “The people you love? You are hurting yourself. I am guilty of it and the other members of my family too. My brother and my sisters have trouble talking to each other because of the house we were raised in. It left us with scars and it’s a tragedy. We can’t be close to each other because we can’t communicate. It’s really fucking sad.

“It’s not [my parents’] default. Your parents are your teachers, whether you like it or not, but they are trapped in the limits of their lives and their understanding of parenting.

Meanwhile, to mark the launch of ‘House of the Dragon’, a new Iron Throne was unveiled in front of the White Tower – which houses the Crown Jewels – at the Tower of London on Monday (08.08.22).

Fans and visitors can take a unique selfie at the ‘Game of Thrones’ seat of power – which is decked out in Tagaryen banners and measures 10ft x 12ft – thanks to NOW.

It will be in the tower on Monday and Tuesday (09.08.22) ahead of Sky and NOW’s premiere of ‘House of the Dragon’ in London’s Leicester Square next week.

Those with tickets to the throne today and tomorrow also have a chance to win tickets to the star-studded UK premiere.

The throne will then go on tour and be displayed at sites in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh for the rest of the month.

“House of the Dragon” airs on Sky and NOW from August 22.