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Prime Minister’s Department wants content creator’s cooperation over school truancy allegation at government department

KUALA LUMPUR: A social media content creator has been asked to come forward and cooperate over claims that government agents were skipping school during her visit to the department earlier this month.

The Prime Minister’s Department, in a post on its Facebook page on Saturday June 25, said it had not yet received an official complaint from the social media content creator regarding the incident.

“To date, we (the Prime Minister’s Department) have not received any formal complaints regarding the issues that have been raised.

“We are asking the person who made the video (on TikTok) to contact us and provide additional information to aid in investigations,” the post read.

They then provided the woman with the means to come forward, urging her to contact them via email ([email protected]) phone (03-8872 3430) or visit them to provide details of the incident.

They said they remain committed to ensuring customers receive the best treatment.

It was reported by a news portal that the complaints were filed on the short video platform TikTok on June 3.

In the video, the woman railed against government agents for being lazy.

It was reported that his allegations were that there were no officers at the department’s reception desk when he visited that day.

After a long wait, she claimed to have been informed by another officer that the government employees were on break.

It was noon then, according to the woman.

The woman said she then went to lunch at a cafeteria in another government building and alleged that many customers had not left to return to work despite the lunch hour ending at 2 p.m.

She said it was immoral for government officials who are paid by the public and tasked with serving, not to do their job.