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Print and digital excel at providing in-depth content: Vikram Chandra

One of the highlights of a one-day virtual conference, e4m NewsNext, was Vikram Chandra, Founder and CEO, Editorji Technologies, who had a fireside chat on “The Changing Nature of Video News: TV news is it over?”.

He spoke with Kanchan Srivastava, Deputy Editor, exchange4media, and Simran Sabherwal, Deputy Editor, exchange4media.

The conversation began with a growing number of viewers consuming news from multiple sources. Chandra noted, “It’s like the saying of being in the middle of the ocean, without a drop to drink. There’s so much information, so much noise and clutter, but you’re not really informed, and it shows us that the system is broken.

He pointed out that social media is also not a reliable source of real information, as WhatsApp and Facebook messages come from your own ideological “echo chambers”. He pointed out that all of these have created a void in the space for truly informed and unbiased news and that is what industry players need to address, regardless of the medium.

Observing that he himself has been out of TV channels for quite some time now as he strives to create a new media product through his foray into digital news with Editorji, Chandra said the reason why he left television after 25 years was that there were no easy solutions left, “and I realized that the only way to be a disruption and cause real change would be to outside”.

Chandra said areas of focus have definitely changed with the advent of digital content and media, with conversations currently centering on streaming platforms and OTT as the segment to get the most attention in terms of news. , whereas before it was entertainment, then sports. “Now it’s about who’s watching what on what platform, and how you can be in that space.”

Asked by Sabherwal how digital could bridge the difference in types of reporting between TV and print or even traditional news and online portal, Chandra explained that it involves two different aspects. “One is about the depth of content, when you delve into individual issues. The other is the scope where you in the news decide if you’re going to provide the reader with 10, 20, 30, whatever stories you think they need to know about.

According to him, both print and digital are great at depth, where they delve deeper into a topic, whether through explanatory articles or in-depth videos. “For me, what is more interesting is the expanse. How can you go to bed at night and catch all the big news of the day? You can do this if you read the whole paper cover to cover, as the print still does a decent job of summarizing the news, but who has time for that. Meanwhile, digital tells you little, while newscasts are mostly half-hour, glaring debates around a single issue.

“This 30-minute digital roundup of all the big news that’s also informative and sought after, whether in video or audio format, is what we at Editorji are working on,” Chandra concluded.

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