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Raashii Khanna Addresses ‘Fabricated’ Content On His Bad Talking Southern Films, Says Please Stop

Raashii Khanna, who is an established actress from the South, has signed numerous projects in Bollywood recently. She also talked about the difference between the two industries in a few interviews. Now the actress has claimed some “fabricated and misinterpreted” ones are making the rounds on social media and has pleaded with everyone to stop spreading them.


Raashii Khanna was recently seen in the thriller series, Rudra: The Edge of Darkness, starring Ajay Devgn. She had talked about the opportunity to play a villainous role in it, something she hadn’t done in the past, and how the Southern film industry objectifies women. Thus, some stories on social media suggested that she spoke poorly of Southern films.

Clearing the air, Raashi shared a story on Instagram that read, “Some fabricated and misinterpreted content about me that talks badly about southern movies is doing the rounds on social media. I ask whoever did this to PLEASE STOP. I have the greatest respect for every language/film I make. Let’s be nice (sic).


In an interview with a major daily, Raashii Khanna spoke about his experience working in Southern films. She said: “They don’t want to see past the looks, which is what I faced in the South, where people didn’t take me seriously as an actor. Although I think the things changed a bit after Rudra, it will definitely change after my upcoming projects, which I think is only a good thing for me.”

Of sexism in Southern movies, the actress said, “In the South they’ll call you ‘lady’, ‘girl’, ‘milky beauty’ and it won’t stop unless you stand up for yourself. Half the time it comes out because of the love the fans have for you, but basic objectification is the problem. They think a woman is to objectify. They don’t understand between admiring a woman and objectifying themselves because the problem is at the level of education, what they are taught when they are kids. If women aren’t educated, they’ll think it’s all right. Then when they see the objectification, they think, ‘Okay, isme kya galat hai. I love this female actress, so I call her milky beauty”. But women are much more than mere objectifications that they don’t want to see.

Raashii Khanna now has a web series with Shahid Kapoor led by Raj and DK, and Yodha with Sidharth Malhotra and Disha Patani lined up.