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Raunchy Phrase Has MultiVersus Fans Speculating Again About Naruto In-Game Content

The Player First Games development team is very active on social media and in community hubs to MultiVesus, share information about how content is created for the game, communicate changes before patches, and much more. This open presence in the community also leads to a lot of speculation whenever a new post is posted by someone from the studio.

Co-founder of PFG and MultiVersus director Tony Huynh is at the forefront of all of these conversations, and a recent tweet has sparked talk of a potential naruto crossover coming to the game in the future.

In one of his last messages, Huynh mentioned that the team will work on a “kancho attack”. And, while that phrase probably doesn’t mean much to most people, it does refer to several moments in naruto and even previous fighting games using the property.

Kanchō is the East Asian equivalent of goose, or the act of pushing someone between the buttocks with an upward thrust.

The specific method referenced here is for someone to clasp their hands together with both index fingers extended like some sort of pistol before stabbing.

It is a common prank in East Asian countries and is depicted in all kinds of media, especially Japanese manga, anime, and other shows, but one of its depictions the most emblematic comes from naruto.

Screenshot via Bandai Namco

Before manga fans released volume one or anime fans broke double-digit episodes, they all saw Kakashi Hatake embarrassing the series main character using the Hidden Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu: Thousand years of death. He has since made numerous appearances at various points in the series, spin-offs, games, and more.

With Tony’s Tweet mentioning the origin of the technique, speculation about a potential naruto the crossover was revived. There was some initial buzz about it thanks to datamined files, but nothing concrete.

Now, the real question posed is whether this could mean Kakashi will grab Naruto himself since the move is more strongly tied to the sensei rather than the protege. However, Naruto also used the move in the series, though it was more of an improvised variation using a kunai and an explosive tag during his battle with Garaa.

Screenshots via Viz Media

Regardless of whether it ends up happening, character speculation is always fun. Just remember a tweet about a bow and arrow that many took to refer to Green Arrow or Legolas from the Lord of the Rings In fact, it ended up being a clue to Gizmo’s move instead, so it could just be another sleight of hand by Tony and the team, however unintentional.