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Saudi authorities tell YouTube to remove ‘offensive content’

Saudi authorities have asked YouTube to remove “offensive” ads and videos shown to users in the kingdom.

A joint statement by the Saudi Broadcasting Media Commissions and the Communications and Information Technology Commission said inappropriate content in YouTube ads is against Islamic laws, social values ​​and media regulations in the kingdom and on the platform.

The statement says a request has been sent to YouTube to remove ads and follow regulations.

“We will follow the platform’s commitment and, if the offensive content continues to be disseminated, the necessary legal measures which comply with the regulations of audiovisual communication and the media in the country, will be taken”, reads the published statement. said Saturday.

The decision follows recent tweets from Saudi citizens who raised the issue with authorities demanding that tighter controls be imposed on online content.

“The publication of pornographic advertisements that will destroy the values ​​and morals of our children has spread on YouTube,” Fahd Al Attawi wrote on Twitter.

“As part of your responsibility before God, we hope you will turn to YouTube to end this moral decay, or do your national duty to protect our children by blocking the site in Saudi Arabia.”

Saudi political writer and board member of the Saudi Political Science Association Suleiman Aloqeliy has written that such content is offensive to Arab and Islamic ethics.

“You barely open YouTube and see no indecent advertisements directed against Arab and Islamic morals,” he wrote.

“In respect of freedoms, can these companies not be confronted with legal proceedings aimed at stopping such campaigns directed against our children?

Updated: July 24, 2022, 2:24 p.m.