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Snapchat’s new scheme will pay black content creators

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Over the past few years, black social media influencers and content creators have warned social media companies that they play a major role in what goes viral on their platforms and deserve recognition (and compensation) for their work. Since, ICT Tac, Youtube and others have gone out of their way to launch programs designed to support and nurture color makers. After all, a world without our dance videos, beauty tutorials, and duets wouldn’t be a fun place.

Now Snapchat works with Google Pixel, UNCMMN, and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Westbrook Media to support the work of black content creators through their Black Creator Accelerator program. The one-year program begins in November 2022 and will provide 25 black content creators with a $10,000 per month stipend to support their efforts from idea to execution, personal mentorship, networking opportunities and l access to workshops led by Snapchat experts. Google Pixel will also provide an all-new Quick Tap to Snap enabled Pixel 7 Pro devices.

Eligible candidates must be emerging content creators who are 18 years of age or older and identify as black. They should also create positive content that aligns with Snapchat’s values ​​of empathy and kindness. The company says the program is part of a larger effort to level the playing field and provide more opportunities for black content creators to succeed on the platform.

“Black creators face unique systemic barriers in the creator industry – from pay and attribution disparities, to toxic experiences and more,” the company said in a statement. “We believe one way to help break down some of these barriers is to provide mentorship and financial resources to emerging black creators early in their professional careers.”

Creators can apply for the program at until August 12.