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Sponsored content is now published on Beef, Sheep and Grain Central

In line with most other Australian private sector digital and print media, Beef Central now occasionally publishes advertiser-sponsored editorial content provided directly by companies supplying goods and services to the Australian meat and meat industry. ‘breeding.

Sponsored content is one of the revenue channels that allows Beef, Sheep and Grain Central to continue to publish a high-quality, open-access news service for all industry stakeholders – uncluttered by expensive paid subscriptions that inevitably reduce readership reach.

Any sponsored content appearing on our sites will be clearly identified as such. Sponsored content will not be used in place of our own editorial production, but will appear as additional content of interest to readers.

A separate section of the website (click here to access it, or available via our homepage drop-down menu, or the highlights section at the bottom of our homepage) will permanently house all content items. sponsored published, allowing readers to refer to earlier articles at any time.

  • Click here to access today’s launch sponsored content article, provided by livestock specialist financier, Legacy Livestock.

Packages available

Sally Inlay

Limited sponsored content packages are available on the Beef Central, Sheep Central, and Grain Central websites, or combinations of the three.

For details, contact Sally Inslay, [email protected] or phone 0419 471 578.