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As Altenar continues to go from strength to strength in the online space – we caught up with Sales Director Alejandro Cazorla to talk all things retail and the sports betting expert’s plans to bring a true experience generation in-store betting across Europe and Latin America.

Having already launched their next-gen betting terminal with Golden Palace in Belgium, we’ve prepared to cover all goal posts – across retail technology, player demographics and the keys to bringing the next generation of players in betting shops.

Tell us about Altenar’s plans for your high-tech terminal for global markets – what sets your product apart from the crowd?

Our solution is a terminal with a difference, developed from scratch to represent one of the most advanced terminals available on the market. We have designed our retail offering to be as technological as possible, with a view to placing it at the forefront of the tech space.

This approach means that we are able to offer an advanced betting experience that is individual for each partner – ensuring that no front-end shortcut is the same – but also the technology that ensures that each product will be continuously updated. updated and updated in real time with as little as one click.

Combining central back-office management, highly advanced monitoring and performance tools, and telemetry, near-zero downtime is the priority. The goal is to create a true next-gen betting experience that will bring new demographics to retail stores.

Location is another key factor, and by bringing this concept to devices, it is highly likely to improve the consumer experience. The goal is to empower operators to deliver a personalized in-store experience with retail technology that can truly meet the preferences of specific markets and gamers.

Your initial success with the terminal in selected markets has seen Altenar’s terminal live with Golden Palace in Belgium – what potential for European business areas do you see at this time?

This should be a key part of every major operator’s channel. Thanks to our resounding success in certain Belgian and Latin American commercial areas, Altenar is now ready to expand its product globally in the 13 markets in which it is licensed, including the United Kingdom, Malta, Spain, Colombia, Denmark and Sweden.

There’s a lot of potential here, as we’ve designed our product to suit the gamer of the future. We have incorporated unique and one-of-a-kind retail technology into the product, which can be used to offer our European and Latin American retail partners something that cannot be found elsewhere. Plus, the front end, designed to offer multiple shortcuts, is sure to give operators an individual advantage.

In terms of futuristic UX and other features, how has in-store betting technology fared in recent years?

The new generation of gamers wants customization, easy-to-access shortcuts, and a betting experience that matches the social experience they’re looking for as closely as possible, and we’ve come an incredible long way to meet those demands.

The future of betting terminals is about providing an individual betting experience for each partner – ensuring that no front-end shortcut is the same – but also the technology that ensures that each product will be continuously updated and updated. real-time updates with as little as a click.

Additionally, the massive changes we are seeing in terms of the back-end bring a whole new level of centralization to operators. A robust back-end allows operators to manage multiple terminals from a single access to the back-office and check not only financial performance or number of bets, but also allows them to check the performance of their applications in general , such as RAM usage, CPU usage. The level of functionality extends to tracking, for example, the status of the ink and how the various components of the terminal – the way technology evolves changes the way we meet the needs of the consumer.

How can the retail betting experience appeal to a new demographic of players, and how critical is the transactional process with terminals to this?

Personalization is key to making it all work. The modern customer expects a high quality UX, as they are used to seeing on streaming platforms and social networks. For this to happen, the UX and customer experience must be futuristic, easily navigable, and most importantly, personalized to local preferences – as they would expect for any app on their phone.

Of course, the back-end is what makes this possible, and the Spanish market is a great example of how we’re going to optimize the transactional process to work perfectly for Spanish players. We know that La Liga and regional teams are an important part of the betting mix, so we’ve loaded our bespoke Spanish UX to deliver the exact sports markets we know players are looking to bet on the most. We repeat this for each of the 13 major regulated markets we live in, to ensure that each partner has their own personalized experience.

Last but not least, tell us about your vision for Altenar 2022 and beyond – which markets will be key this year for Altenar’s retail team?

LatAm and Southern Europe have a very strong retail heritage, and players really appreciate the social element of in-store betting rather than online. For this reason, I predict that we will probably see the most initial activity from Altenar in Spain and our partners in Latin America.

Further north, Scandinavia and the UK are strong markets and will be particularly receptive to our new product, especially given how well we have done with our Belgian operator partners in the retail scene there. down. Admittedly, retail and in-store betting is less popular there, but with a terminal like ours, which is the most advanced of its kind, we can really make a difference.