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The Future of Content: A Special Report

When you think about the conjoined worlds of media and technology, there’s a long way to go.

In its special report “The Future of Content,” Variety Intelligence Platform offers a forward-looking, data-driven exploration of key issues and trends facing all sectors of these cross-industry. In just 22 slides, VIP+ offers a global overview of streaming, film, TV, music, video games, the creator economy, the metaverse and more.

The aim is not just to give an idea of ​​where we are today, but where each of the sectors will go in the years to come after a period of heartbreaking disruption catalyzed by everything from the pandemic to the influence of the Silicon Valley.

Indeed, “The Future of Content” digs deep into the shadow that Big Tech has cast over the entertainment industry, including the incredible global reach that has given companies like Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon dominant market share. in terms of internet traffic and digital advertising.

But the special report also sheds light on how media companies have reoriented themselves towards this new market reality, from mergers and acquisitions activity consolidating its competitive field to the streaming wars, where annual programming expenditures of billions of dollars are the table stakes needed to catch up with the likes of Netflix.

As different as the worlds of media and technology may seem, VIP+ treats them as one and the same because they share so much in common: both aim to achieve shared minds, whether through eyes or ears; and both are increasingly adopting a direct-to-consumer orientation, with monetization efforts focusing on advertising and subscriptions. And while one industry can focus on content rather than hardware and software, neither can afford to ignore the other’s specialty.

If you’ve ever wanted to understand everything that’s happening in this huge landscape in a single document, “The Future of Content” is for you.