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The media war against left-wing content

Progressive voices continue to be silenced, canceled…Where did the Bizarro go?

I’ve long subscribed to the weekly online blogs of Dan Piraro and Wayno, who together write, illustrate, and produce content for Bizarro comics.

Their point of view is often oddly sympatico with my own rather odd sense of propriety and irony, and just odd enough to pique and maintain my interest. And that goes not only for their comics, but also for their weekly blog content.

If you are also a fan and a follower, you know that the authors of this infamous ploy to please us on a daily basis are still leaning so clearly to the left on the political spectrum.

I followed with some distress the stories (at least the headlines) about CNN’s cancellations, for example, but was alarmed when my beloved comic compatriots announced that they were disappearing.

In Dan Piraro’s own words (link above)

Lee Enterprisesa press group majority-owned by a large investment company, ceased to operate Weird and many other comics in their diaries last week. Lee Enterprises owns more than 75 newspapers across the United States and they’re standardizing their comic book pages with a handful of features that they think Americans should read. For whatever reason, Weird is the one they cut, even from my hometown newspaper, The Tulsa World.

I’m not a newspaper subscriber, but if you are, and your newspaper is one of those affected, Piraro asks you to write to them and question their decision to eliminate Bizarro from their daily inclusion regular.

It also offers other ways to continue supporting their content, and that’s the option I will pursue.

It’s a small matter, perhaps, in the scheme of things. It’s just a comic, after all. It’s not like it’s about banned books or the courts rewriting the First Amendment, but it means a lot to me when our humor is censored.

Thanks for adding your voice.

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