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“This content is age restricted” error annoys users

Are you irritated that you can’t see all the TikTok messages you want? You are not the only one as there are many others who see the annoying error message “This content is age restricted”.

A significant number of users complain about the age restriction feature on TikTok which appears when they try to play the videos.

The option, which is designed to prevent underage users from accessing the app, also hinders adults.

“This content is age restricted” bug explained

From time to time, social media platforms are subject to certain problems.

The final issue with the age limit appears to be an error on TikTok’s side.

Whenever a certain user tries to play a TikTok, they encounter the error “This content is age restricted”.

This happens even when users are well above the required age. Some have also complained that TikToks they previously liked and commented on suddenly became unavailable due to this error.

Although TikTok has yet to fix the problem, frustrated users are looking for a way to fix it.

Can you change your age on TikTok?

No, you cannot manually change your age on TikTok.

The minimum age required to use TikTok is 13 years old. However, parents or guardians can monitor content shared by underage users using the age restriction option.

If you get the “This content is age restricted” error, try changing your profile privacy settings.

Although you must contact customer support to change your age on TikTok, Restricted Mode can be disabled manually if it was enabled using a four-digit password.

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Users irritated by the error

TikTok users flooded Twitter with complaints about the age restriction error.

A tweeted: “Why is my TikTok age restricted, I am BIG”

“@tiktok_us could you please correct your age settings. I’m restricted to videos, I’ve commented before, because of age restrictions, and now I can’t set my age”, wrote another one.

“Why am I subject to an age limit on videos? I have already commented, liked and reposted ????????, tweeted another frustrated user.

another user tweeted: “How is TikTok going to limit the age of my very old? I’m literally not even active on my account either smh, I can’t even turn it off because it says it’s already deactivated … lmao this is what happens when I try new apps. It’s been a good three month run Tik. Bye.”

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