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TikTok sheds light on how app content drives consumer action and what elements improve marketing performance / World of digital information

Leading social media app, TikTok recently shared a number of useful insights with marketers as part of a report called “Path to Purchase”.

The company says it’s taking a closer look at how its own clips drive consumer engagement while delineating what’s needed to improve app performance.

The first part of the report was made public for the first time this year in February and this new unveiling happens to be the second part of the report.

If you were lucky enough to catch the former, you might have noticed that the app talks about the number of users who find brands through the app and start interacting with them. On the other hand, the second part seems to deal with a summary of the feelings of users vis-à-vis the marketing of certain products on their newsfeed.

The report also takes into consideration whether or not TikTok’s marketing and promotions really impact the minds of shoppers and how that affects the sales and revenue of brands related to the app. In the same way, the report was also able to assess whether app marketing had an influence on users’ purchasing decisions.

This information comes to us from a leading research analyst and data provider called Material. It says more than half of TikTok users rated felt more than satisfied with the products sold to them through the app. It also revealed how users are much more willing to recommend the products they find on the feed.

As you can probably expect, the research adds how marketing strategies using celebrities and other forms of promotional activity play a vital role in the app. Similarly, audiences are more likely to explore new brands and products through familiar faces, while others are inspired and recommended by content creators.

Using trending hashtags and videos also adds value to TikTok compared to other apps. Some users go so far as to research new brands they see, which shows how motivated they are and how much they trust the app.

Celebrity promotions appear to be a key winner in terms of user impact, but influencers aren’t too far behind. More importantly, the app collaborating with various creators only shows the potential of TikTok.

Interestingly, the TikTok ads didn’t receive the same feedback and were instead called upon to be poorly received by users who felt the excessive approach was a bit too much. It would be wrong to say that they do nothing for the app but in terms of popularity they are way behind.

Another point that was highlighted in this report was hashtags. While many people feel like they are losing their charm on other apps, the opposite seems to be the case with TikTok as more and more users tend to discover content through this medium.

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