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Twitter may allow users to post a mix of content, such as videos and GIFs, within the same tweet/digital news world

Twitter is working on a new feature that introduces the ability to attach photos, videos, and GIFs to a tweet at the same time.

This feature was introduced to the public by a social media app update specialist and an online journalist Alessandro Paluzzi. In a follow-up tweet, Paluzzi states that he spotted some info regarding this new interface update, or tweak, if you prefer, all the way back in 2020. However, due to a lack of implementation of the platform and screenshots or supporting information, he decided to let things rest until we get to that point in the race. In any case, there’s not too much to discuss when it comes to the new feature itself. This is a rather simple upgrade for Twitter: initially, users could only group photos under a single tweet, and mixing media has long been out of the platform’s reach. Now users can finally mix and match their content; add photos with videos, add videos with GIFs, post multiple videos, etc. The reason I keep repeating videos is because if we’re being honest, that’s what some users are looking forward to the most.

And yes, users are looking forward to this. It’s such a simple addition, yet one that gives the Twitter community so much mobility to express themselves on the platform. In fact, I’d like to throw this new tweak into the trash can that Twitter absolutely could have implemented nearly half a decade ago, and yet apparently decided against it. It will share this space with the new Edit Tweets feature. Yes, Twitter really likes to take its time with even simple steps to the top. Well, apparently the rig has heard of two steps forward, one step back, and insists that no step be taken back, even if it means moving forward at a glacial pace. Recall that this is the same company that tested threaded responses for over a year and a half before finally abandoning the idea altogether.

To be fair, this new feature isn’t out of the woods yet, either. Perhaps the developers might find it anti-conducive to Twitter’s atmosphere, especially if the excessive influx of data-intensive content ends up slowing down the platform as a whole. Guess we’ll have to wait a few months to get a legit idea of ​​what Twitter is planning. However, it is important to note that Twitter might introduce this feature only for its paid users (AKA Twitter Blue) or for its limited number of advertisers to promote their products or services.

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