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What is TikTok’s Glove Challenge and how do I report viral content?

TikTok has become a platform shared by millions of people and in the midst of this there are times when harmful content enters its surface. The latest to catch the eye is the Gauntlet Challenge and that’s why it needs to be pointed out.

As platforms become popular, it becomes difficult to control the content circulating. With that in mind, it’s important for people to report any content that may be harmful.

Since TikTok has a mix of age groups as audiences, it’s important that you flag any content that glorifies the gauntlet challenge.

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What is the glove challenge?

The glove challenge is the latest disturbing trend making headlines on the platform. In it, users are instructed to visit a glove site where they are instructed to watch disturbing videos.

The whole challenge is to watch 20 clips in total and each of the videos gets worse as a user clears the level.

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In a bid to follow the trend, several social media users spoke about the same on TikTok, with some of them commenting on how upsetting the whole challenge was.

How to report such content

Since users of different age groups interact with content posted on TikTok, we suggest that you immediately report any video content that might glorify this challenge.

To do this, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on “report” present in the right corner of the video
  2. Select “violent or graphic content”
  3. Click submit

We also suggest that you report any user who promoted the challenge on their profile. To do this, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Access the profile of the user who promoted the content
  2. Click on the three dots placed at the top right of the screen
  3. Select “report”
  4. Select “Post inappropriate content”
  5. Select “violent and graphic content”
  6. Click “submit”
Photo illustration by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Contact if you need help

If you are concerned about any issues raised in the article or would like to speak to someone, please call the Samaritans free of charge on 116 123. You can also email them at [email protected] or visit to find the nearest UK branch. In the United States, please visit Samaritans USA for more information.