Content plan

Why a Content Plan Template Won’t Work in 2022

Marketing professionals have long known that the highest quality promotion on any social network comes through a personal brand. This is the main problem currently for fans of model solutions. Many people download ready-made templates with themes and try to customize them themselves, rejoicing to save money on a good specialist.

If you fall into this category, we have bad news for you. If you only use other people’s material, you can see why you buy instagram followers but people leave you. No model and ready-made idea no longer works and has already been covered with the dust of the times. Let’s see why.

The content plan is about personality

Why have models become popular? It was a simple and direct remedy for a lack of ideas. A person immersed in work simply did not know how to approach their online positioning.

Today, in 2022, a lack of ideas and a misunderstanding of promotion objectives is a verdict, because:

• everyone learned how to create content;

• all with difficulty but outdid themselves and started to appear in the stories;

• Everyone figured out exactly how to show off their work and what to say about it on Instagram.

And now the main thing is to understand how to reveal yourself using content, to show people that you should come to you for a service/product, and not to a competitor. Many companies hire specialists who buy real instagram followers to promote their business, but there are many other things to do.

Instagram users have a lot of experience exploring content. Every second girl in one minute will tell you how to dress this season, and every second guy will immediately tell you why targeted advertising is cooler than blogger integration. And the only thing the user cares about is other people, their unique view of the world and their business. Charisma and precise positioning outsells 100 useful and engaging feed posts.

Therefore, the basis of any content plan is now you, your position, your worldview and the original vision of your business.

How to Create an Effective Content Plan Yourself

If at the moment your financial capabilities do not allow you to hire a professional specialist, try to establish a content plan for the following month according to the following scheme:

• treat yourself. Decide what you are ready to broadcast to the public about yourself and what not;

• determine by which emotions and associations you will communicate your positioning;

• establish a sales plan for the weeks of the month and distribute all types of content so that the user feels included in your project;

• Define the purpose of each Story and each post. Thus, you will understand when and what exactly to publish in your account;

• cover as many social media tools as possible. Don’t make sales only in stories or only in posts. Separate marketing mechanisms must be triggered at each stage.

It’s difficult, but such a content plan will work quickly and efficiently, unlike a universal template written by someone. Effective debriefing is not about what you write or film, but how you do it.