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XFL Co-Owner Dany Garcia Showcases XFL Content Plan and Deliverables on Insta

We keep getting more hints from XFL co-owner Dany Garcia. First was the photo in the bathroom over a week ago talking about NDA. Now this screenshot from a zoom meeting showing off her XFL style nails. Obviously, that was a message to XFL fans more than his nail color choice.

What’s interesting is who shares their screen with the XFL owners group. The person showing the presentation is Jay Rothman. It features something called “XFL Content Plan and Deliverable” with a date of 6/4/21.

A quick search of Jay Rothman on LinkedIn shows that he is the CEO of JR Media, LLC.

From his LinkedIn…

“Jay is a seasoned Producer and Executive Producer who has spent 33 years of his 4 decades in the television industry at ESPN. His resume spans an impressive array of sports and live event supervision and production, studio and other specialty programming.

The list of talent Jay has touched and worked with is long, both high-level and entry-level. From room to room, studio hosts, analysts and reporters, his work with on-air talent is marked by his honesty, outspokenness, patience and detail. His experience and knowledge of the live events he has covered, coupled with his journalistic sensibilities in news coverage, bring the best out of the people he works with.

Jay is a multiple Emmy Award winner who prides himself on building teams, being a coach and mentor, and having strong relationships in the media industry.

If you zoom in on the photo, you can see the title of the presentation.

NewsCo content and deliverable plan [Final Draft].pdf Page 1 of 39.

If you heard our own Mike Mitchell recently on This is the XFL show. He talked about the potential creation of a parent company, and under that umbrella would be the XFL and the CFL. NewsCo’s nickname would not be the real name.

“NewCo or Newco is a generic name for proposed companies, startups or subsidiaries before they are assigned a final name, or for proposed merged companies to distinguish the combined entity to be formed from an existing company involved in the merge which may have the same name (or a similar name).[1] In some cases, the new company can keep the name “Newco”


Does this mean the XFL is gearing up for a 2022 kickoff? Most likely, no. We’ve detailed on XFL News Hub in detail why a 2023 kickoff is more likely.

The league has hired very few staff as it works out the details of its partnership with the CFL. In XFL 2.0, they started hiring coaches and team presidents in February 2019. We’re well past that deadline.

Garica dropped her first hint nine days ago, and it’s more or less the same, just letting fans know they’re up to something but can’t say much due to the signing of the NDA.

We assume this was not in response to the USFL announcement, which came seven days ago. Just more clues than exciting news are on the way for XFL fans. They are working there, and we have to wait and see what they have planned.